While there seems to be countless Digital Nomads these days…. there aren’t too many Digital Nomad resources out there – are there? Or at least none that genuinely help actual Digital Nomads…

I mean, let’s be honest… Digital Nomads have super specific needs. 

Traditional travel blogs typically don’t cater to those needs.

The Digital Nomad Reddit community lacks much enthusiasm. 

In terms of resources, there really isn’t much out there for the Digital Nomad – is there?

Now there is. This is exactly what Nomads Nation is – your Digital Nomad Headquarters!

I'm Aaron! A full time Digital Nomad who can typically be found working on his laptop... often with a beer

Founded by me (Aaron, a full-time Digital Nomad^) Nomads Nation mission is to create content aimed directly at the ever-growing Digital Nomad community.

Why did I make this the NN mission?

Because I fucking adore being a Digital Nomad. Working on a laptop and traveling the world is LITERALLY living the dream. You have to realize that we have more freedom and awesome-ness in our lives than 99.99999999% of the human population before us. 

But while it is amazing, Digital Nomadism as a whole is so grossly misrepresented and underserved.

You see it all the time. Shit like this. 

^Fake representation of being a Digital Nomad^

Are we all guilty of posting pictures of us on our laptop in beautiful landscapes putting on our best ‘sexy pose’? Duh. I do it all the time!

But this is exactly what Nomads Nation is NOT.

NN caters to the reality of being a Digital Nomad. This site serves real fucking people, who work real fucking hard, while they travel the world and live the dream. 

Also – super important! – Nomads Nation is NOT a site for aspiring Digital Nomads wondering how they can start making money online. Sorry newbies – this website is for established Digital Nomads. 

(If you are looking for information on how to make money online, check out my other site Ditch Your Desk, where I break down how to effectively start your first online businesses for long term success.)

In contrast, Nomads Nation is a site for the road warriors. Nomads Nation is for you if you are already living the lifestyle and want to know what options are out there to improve that lifestyle. 

Whether you are interested in Digital Nomad gear, the coolest Digital Nomad locations, which Digital Nomad travel programs kick the most ass, or anything in between – this is your tribe.

If you want to get the most out of Nomads Nation, you should subscribe to the newsletter.

Subscribers get access to the best content, and the newsletter is directly aimed to make your Digital Nomad life awesome. We know that your inbox is sacred – so we are there to give it a bit of Digital-Nomad-life!

And finally, Nomads Nation is a community written for and by the Nomads – so if you are a Digital Nomad looking to share some knowledge, shoot me an email at Aaron@NomadsNation.com. 

I’m always looking to feature Digital Nomads on NN – especially if you have knowledge bombs to drop to help you DN brethren (and sistren)! 

Travel on, Nomad.