7 COOLEST Party Hostels in Prague

Want to drink and party your way around a gnarly Old Town and some amazing beer gardens? Then come to Prague. One of Europe’s veritable party capitals, this is the place for good times – and lots of them!

Naturally, you’re going to want to stay in a party hostel in Prague to experience the best of Prague’s party atmosphere. But knowing which party hostels to pick isn’t easy. They’re not always going to be the cleanest or even most lively of places.

That’s why we’ve made this guide to the best party hostels in Prague! You’ll be able to find the place that’s right for you with our selection of the best of the best when it comes to Prague’s most poppin’ party places.

Let’s see what’s going on!

At a Glance: The best party hostels in Prague

#1 – Czech Inn – Best Overall Party Hostel in Prague 
#2 – Clown and Bard – Best Cheap Party Hostel in Prague 
#3 – Sophie’s Hostel – Best Luxury Party Hostel in Prague 
#4 – Ahoy! Hostel – Best Chill Party Hostel in Prague 
#5 – Hostel ELF – Best Party Hostel with a Beer Garden in Prague  
#6 – PLUS Prague – Best Party Hostel with a Pool in Prague  
#7 – Hostel One Home – Best Party Hostel for Solo Travellers in Prague 

#1 - Czech Inn

Best Overall Party Hostel in Prague

Why Czech Inn is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $18 a night for a bunk in a 4 bed mixed dorm
  • Want some space? $58 for a twin private room with a shared bathroom

There’s a hostel in Prague that’s super good for parties and, yes, it’s this one. In fact, it’s the BEST party hostel in Prague. 

Trust us: there’s an amazing atmosphere here, loads of people to meet, a lively hostel bar and some pretty great staff who whip everyone up into the party mood.

Pros of Czech Inn

  • On site bar
  • Seasonal events
  • Nightly happy hour (6-8pm)
  • Pub quizzes
  • Beer tasting
  • Comedy nights
  • Karaoke
  • Beers & Bingo (we don't know, but it sounds fun)
  • Has its very own actual stage
  • No curfew

Cons of Czech Inn

  • No free breakfast
  • No free drinks
  • Definitely most fun in summer (other seasons are quieter)
  • The big dorm can get a bit messy

Should you book at Czech Inn?

Yeah you should book it. Aside from this top Prague hostel being set inside a 19th century building, the local area is also busy with loads of pubs, cafes and all sorts of other cool stuff to discover. For us though it’s all about the basement bar. It’s no surprise that Time Out and Lonely Planet rate this place too!

Best Cheap Party Hostel in Prague

Why Clown and Bard is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $8 a night for a bunk in an 14 bed mixed dorm (shared bathroom)
  • Want some space? $45 for a standard room with a double bed and an en suite bathroom

Serving up a whole heap of fun times for a very affordable price, Clown and Bard is the best cheap party hostel in Prague. 

It’s one of those places where people just like to hang out in the beer garden, cook up a BBQ, get chatting, play foosball, generally have a great time together. It’s been open since 1995, so these guys know what they’re doing!

Pros of Clown and Bard

  • Super fun!
  • VERY affordable
  • Awesome on site bar
  • Cool neighbourhood for bar-hopping
  • Fun beer garden
  • Always someone to hang out with
  • Staff know what they're doing
  • BBQ
  • Football and other games
  • Sports events shown on TV

Cons of Clown and Bard

  • Definitely not the cleanest (party doesn't have to mean dirty!)
  • No pub crawls or other events
  • No drinks deals
  • Can be pretty dead in winter
  • No free breakfast
  • No late check out (c'mon, what?!)

Should you book at Clown and Bard?

Absolutely. The location alone is amazing. It’s in Zizkov, which is actually the neighbourhood with the highest concentration of bars in the whole city. That means you’ve got A LOT to discover just on the doorstep. The on site bar is also a great place to meet and mingle with other travellers.

Best Luxury Party Hostel in Prague

Why Sophie’s Hostel is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $19 a night for a bunk in a 6 bed mixed dorm
  • Want some space? $80 for a standard single private room with your very own bathroom

Sophie’s Hostel is a VERY nice place to stay. It definitely looks the part: it’s more boutique hotel than backpacker style. It’s easily the best luxury party hostel in Prague. 

No gross shower rooms here – think rainfall showerheads and minimalist room design. AND there’s a stylish bar downstairs for all your drinking and socialising needs.

Pros of Sophie's Hostel

  • Looks super nice
  • A TON of events like...
  • Karaoke!
  • Seasonal parties!
  • Free food!
  • Beer tasting!
  • On site bar open 24/7
  • Daily happy hour
  • Cool spaces to hang out in
  • Very friendly staff
  • Amazing facilities
  • No curfew

Cons of Sophie's Hostel

  • No bar crawl
  • No free breakfast to help your hangover
  • It's not the best party atmosphere (if you're coming to get TOTALLY wasted, this is not the place)
  • Far to walk to nightlife options

Should you book at Sophie's Hostel?

We think so. It’s just a quick hop, skip and a jump to the Old Town from here, which is great. But it’s the hostel itself that’s a LOT of fun. Karaoke, beer tasting and stuff like pancake nights really make it not just style, but a whole lot of substance as well. Love this place.

Best Chill Party hostel in Prague

Why Ahoy! Hostel is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $17 a night for a bunk in an 7 bed mixed dorm (shared bathroom)
  • Want some space? $52 for a twin private room with a shared bathroom

This Prague backpackers hostel is a good option for the more chilled party-seekers out there. With its tours around Prague‘s beer gardens, good nightly events (like family dinners and mixers), it’s a great spot to get a bit silly, meet some like-minded travellers, and leave with good memories.

Pros of Ahoy! Hostel

  • Big spacious dorms
  • On site bar
  • Friendly staff
  • 24 hour reception (and no curfew)
  • Guided beer garden tours!
  • Homemade dinners
  • Cool communal spaces to chill in
  • Easy to meet new people
  • They throw riverside parties
  • Free coffee to wake yourself up in the morning

Cons of Ahoy! Hostel

  • No free breakfast (boo)
  • No live music
  • No drinks deals or free drinks
  • Atmosphere can be lacking
  • No late checkout

Should you book at Ahoy! Hostel?

You should definitely book Ahoy! Hostel if you’re looking to stay at the best chill party that Prague has to offer. This place definitely strikes the balance between quiet times and buzzy, social vibes for the perfect place for people who just want a few drinks, a chat and a laugh, but nothing too mental.

#5 - Hostel ELF

Best Party Hostel with a Beer Garden in Prague

Why Hostel ELF is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $13 a night for a bunk in an 11 bed dorm (shared bathroom)
  • Want some space? $33 for a single private room with a shared bathroom

Prague is pretty famous for its beer gardens (there are a lot) so allow us to introduce you to Hostel ELF: our pick for the best party hostel with a beer garden in Prague. 

The outdoor space here is, like, THE social place of this Prague backpackers hostel. That’s where all the magic (i.e. drinking) happens!

Pros of Hostel ELF

  • FREE Czech-style BBQs
  • Happy Hour (half price beer!)
  • Jenga parties (??? But we're into it)
  • Extended breakfast and check out time
  • FREE all you can eat breakfast every morning
  • Awesome beer garden / outdoor terrace
  • Great location with LOADS of bars nearby
  • Friendly staff

Cons of Hostel ELF

  • Could be TOO laid-back for some
  • Not the most sparklingly new hostel
  • Age restriction (over 40? Not the place for you)
  • Pet-friendly - we're not sure that's a good thing really...
  • No bar crawls
  • No live music

Should you book at Hostel ELF?

Definitely. If you want to stay somewhere with easygoing staff, a load of fun-loving fellow travellers, and a roster of fun events, book this place. It’s kind of no-frills, but it was one of the first hostels in the city so they know what’s up. Free all you can eat daily breakfast MAKES this place. How can that not be awesome?

Best Party Hostel with a Pool in Prague

Why PLUS Prague is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $8 a night for a bunk in a 16 bed mixed dorm
  • Want some space? $45 for a twin private room with your very own bathroom

PLUS Prague is one of the best party hostels with a pool in Prague. We mean, it’s got a MASSIVE pool, which is going to make it feel as though you’re staying somewhere pretty fancy. 

There’s also loads of outdoor space where you can drink and make merry with other guests. Sound good? You know it does!

Pros of PLUS Prague

  • Great on site bar
  • HUGE pool!
  • Games (foosball, table tennis)
  • And video games too
  • A gym to sweat off that hangover
  • On site restaurant
  • Female only space (called PLUS Girls)
  • Drinks deals

Cons of PLUS Prague

  • Can get big groups of people booking
  • Little bit out of town (not great nightlife in the area)
  • No events
  • A bit like a hotel
  • No late checkout
  • No free breakfast

Should you book at PLUS Prague?

If you want to stay somewhere cheap with a touch of luxury (swimming pool? volleyball court? yes please), then stay at this Prague backpackers hostel. Combine with a bar to party in and a great atmosphere primed for getting to know your fellow travellers and it’s a winner.

Best Party Hostel for Solo Travellers in Prague

Why Hostel One Home is one of the coolest party hostels in Prague

  • Cheapest Bed? $25 a night for a bunk in a 10 bed mixed dorm (shared bathroom)
  • Want some space? No private rooms (but it’s $34 a night for a bunk in a 4 bed mixed dorm)

The vibe at Hostel One Home is awesome. Not only has it got a great atmosphere, but it’s good for any sort of party person: a few drinks inside? Cool. 

Want to head out and go mad? Also cool! There’s also a free dinner every night which is a great way to make a few new hostel (drinking) buddies too.

Pros of Hostel One Home

  • Super sociable
  • Riverside parties
  • Tours
  • Drinking games
  • A ton of other events (great for meeting people)
  • FREE dinner!
  • No curfew
  • Video games
  • Ideal for solo travellers
  • Good if you want a few late nights!
  • Cheap breakfast

Cons of Hostel One Home

  • Breakfast is cheap - but not free!
  • No pub crawls as such
  • No late checkout
  • Shower rooms aren't great
  • No free drinks
  • No actual on site bar

Should you book at Hostel One Home?

If you’re travelling by yourself and you want somewhere with some awesome atmosphere to meet other people and make you feel welcome, Hostel One Home is the place for you. It’s the best party hostel for solo travellers in Prague. Think drinking games and family dinners, everyone heading out to enjoy the nightlife. It’s great!


Prague definitely has a LOAD of good party hostels. There’s beer gardens galore, a ton of social hostels to make friends, and staff who love to put on awesome events for everyone. It all makes for one heck of an atmosphere!

Whether you’re a solo traveller and you’re looking for a party hostel that’s going to be great to meet new people, or if you like to party – but not THAT much – and you want something more chilled, chances are you’ll find the one that’s right for you on our list.

If you can’t make a decision, we would recommend our number one choice: Czech Inn. It’s easily the best party hostel in Prague. This place comes very highly rated and it’s easy to see why.

All that’s left is to book and plan your Prague party trip!

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