What are the 7 BEST HOSTELS Near Frankfurt Airport?

Not only is Frankfurt the financial center of Germany being the location of the European Central Bank, it’s also a major hub for international travel and tourism. 

Whether you’re in Frankfurt for an overnight layover or you’re planning on staying in the city for a while, finding good accommodation close to the airport can be a lifesaver. 

And don’t worry-we’ve got you covered! With this list of the best hostels near the Frankfurt Airport, you can find a place to fit your budget and travel plans so no matter if you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of your trip you can count on getting a good night’s sleep in Frankfurt!

At a Glance: The best hostels near Amsterdam Airport

#1 – Meininger Frankfurt/Main Airport – Overall Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport
#2 – Hotel Hoechster Hof – Best Hostel with a Private Room Near the Frankfurt Airport

#3 – A&O Frankfurt Galluswarte – Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport for Families
#4 – Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt – Best Hostel for Couples near the Frankfurt Airport
#5 – Frankfurt Hostel – Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport for Solo Travelers
#6 – Jugendherberge Frankfurt-Haus der Jugend – Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport for Families
#7 – Frankfurt Central Hostel – Best Cheap Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport

Top Hostels Near Frankfurt Airport

Overall Best hostel near the Frankfurt Airport

Meininger Frankfurt:Main Airport
Distance to Frankfurt Airport-1.2 km/0.7 miles

Meininger Frankfurt Hostel doesn’t just cater to travelers, it’s also a spot where cabin crew and plane captains come to hang out and rest between flights! If that doesn’t already say enough about their service and excellent location, just a quick look at their amenities will have you convinced that this truly is the best hostel near the Frankfurt airport. 

You can always check the flight details on the screen monitor at the hostel, check info online with high-speed free Wi-fi, and chill playing pool or cards with other guests in the common area to pass the time. 

If you need to catch an early flight the hostel offers an early-bird breakfast and there is 24 hour reception so whether you’re arriving early or late someone will always be there to meet you. 

A shuttle bus is offered to and from the airport if you have a lot of luggage, but if you’re traveling light, it’s close enough to easily walk as well! And if you’re planning on staying longer in Frankfurt, you can also arrange tickets and transportation for city tours and other attractions from the front desk.

Best Hostel with a Private Room Near the Frankfurt Airport

Hotel Hoechster Hof
Distance to Frankfurt Airport-10 km/6.2 miles

Enjoy your own space and privacy at the Hotel Hoechster Hof in one of their 85 single rooms, or if you’re traveling with friends or as a couple they also have 50 double rooms, some of which can accommodate up to four guests. 

If you’re tired after a long time in transit and don’t want to worry about sharing a space with other guests, Hotel Hoechster Hof is for you! And at just a short 10 minute taxi ride to the airport, it’s also close enough to easily catch early flights. 

Breakfast is included every morning, and the entire property is non-smoking.

Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport for Families

A&O Frankfurt Galluswarte
Distance to Frankfurt Airport-12 km/7.5 miles

A great thing about the Frankfurt Airport is that it isn’t located very far from the downtown area, so you can enjoy the city center and also be able to make it to the airport in a short amount of time. 

A&O Hostel offers dormitory, single, double, and family rooms, so whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, you can find a room to fit your needs. 

For an extra charge, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet every morning at the hostel, or if you’re staying in Frankfurt for a few days you can check out one of the other local coffee shops or cafes in the area. 

The tram station Galluswarte is practically right outside the hostel’s front door, making public transportation very easy, plus there is a private parking lot if you’re driving your own vehicle. 

And if you need to leave on a late flight, A&O has 24 hour reception and luggage storage to keep your belongings safe.

Best Hostel for Couples near the Frankfurt Airport

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt
Distance to Frankfurt Airport-10 km/6.3 miles

Close to numerous top attractions of Frankfurt like museums and historic sites, the 5 Elements Hostel is also conveniently located by the subway stop for easy transportation to the airport. 

A breakfast buffet is available every morning until noon, so even if you’re tired from arriving on a late flight you can still have a meal onsite. 5 Elements also has a 24 hour reception and a 24 hour bar, which is a great place to hang out if you’re waiting for a late flight. 

The convenient location of 5 Elements makes it a great hostel to stay at whether you’re just in Frankfurt for an overnight stay, or if you’re planning on spending some time in the city. 

The variety of rooms offered include dormitories, private rooms, double rooms, and apartments, some with private bathrooms ad some with shared bathrooms depending on your preference and needs.

Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport for Solo Travelers

Frankfurt Hostel
Distance to the Frankfurt Airport-11 km/ 6.8 miles

A nice place to base a vacation in Frankfurt or for a single overnight stay while in transit to another destination, the Frankfurt Hostel has a nice chill energy and a great location. 

The hostel is right across from the central train station, making it easy to get anywhere in the city in a short amount of time, including the airport! Plus the hostel has 24 hour reception and no curfew, so if you’re waiting for a late flight, you can store your baggage in luggage storage and hang out in the common lounge and TV area with other guests you’ve met during your stay. 

The Frankfurt Hostel also offers dormitory as well as private rooms for comparable prices, so depending on your needs and how social you want to be, you can find a room that works for you!

Best Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport for Families

Jugendherberge Frankfurt-Haus der Jugend
Distance to Frankfurt Airport-11 km/ 6.8 miles

If you’re bringing the whole family to Frankfurt and want to save money by avoiding expensive hotel rooms, the Haus der Jugend might be for you. 

Children of all ages are welcome at the hostel, plus you can use services like books, music, and DVSs on hand, a picnic area and garden, and snacks and drinks available for purchase onsite. 

The location is excellent for one night stays for time in transit or for longer vacations in Frankfurt since it is easy to get to the airport and you’re also not far from the historic old town and top tourist attractions. 

A buffet breakfast is also included in the room price and you can purchase a buffet-style lunch or dinner onsite as well if you don’t feel like going out. 

To access the airport or other areas of the city, you can head to the Frankensteiner Platz tram stop just 150 meters from the hostel.

Best Cheap Hostel near the Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Central Hostel
Distance to Frankfurt Airport-12 km/ 7.4 miles

A great option for budget travelers who want to stay close to the airport in Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Central Hostel is also located to many of Frankfurt’s top attractions for guests who are staying longer! 

There is also a bicycle rental and bike parking onsite if you want a convenient way to get out and explore the city, or you can always take the subway-the nearest subway stop is the Schwalbacher Strasse which is literally right across the street! From here to can easily get to the airport or anywhere else in the city.


Whether you’re planning a long vacation in Frankfurt or just passing through the city for a night on the way to your next destination, finding comfortable and convenient accommodation by the airport can be a life-saver! 

Save yourself time searching by picking one of the hostels on this list and make your time in Frankfurt a little easier.

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