Power Rankings

At NomadsNation’s core, is the Power Rankings. They are the pillars that secure our brand.

Aggressively researched and constantly updated, the Power Rankings are a unique look at the travel industry as a whole. 

Spawned in sports writing, the concept of ‘Power Rankings’ allows writers to entertainingly rank rising and falling entities within an overarching category. For us, that’s travel.

There are ever-growing categories within travel, so we focus on the one’s we think are most important. ‘Power Rankings’ are a reflection of NomadsNation’s community and writers and are meant to be fun, subjective, and completely open for debate.



Travel Hackers unite! Our Credit Card Power Rankings evaluate the hottest credit card deals and promotions available, so you can keep racking up points and miles for free travel.

Best Credit Cards for Travel Hacking


These are the websites, blogs and resources we think provide the most valuable traveling information.

Top Travel Blogs to Follow



Not sure where to travel to next? Our Country Power Rankings are painstakingly researched, and reflect the wants and needs of the nomad.

Must Visit Countries of 2017