Building a Backpack: FAQs

Why are you building a backpack?

It's always been a dream of mine! Plus the ability to share my journey with you and have you help me develop the idea was too good not to try.

What kind of backpack will it be?

It will be a one of a kind 3-in-1 urban carry solution.

Is the backpack connected to Nomads Nation?

While the process of building the backpack is being documented on Nomads Nation, it will be a completely different brand.

How much will the backpack cost to make?

I expect it to cost anywhere from $20,000 - $40,000 USD to develop the pack and launch a Kickstarter campaign.

How long will this project take?

I am hoping for it to take one year, so the launch date is currently June 2023. But with the way that things are going with supply chains, it certainly might take longer.

Why did you stop working on your previous backpack?

I had been secretly working on another backpack brand for a while, but things weren't working out. That's why I decided to move on from that project and start brand new!

How can I help?

If you are interested in working together, collaborating, or just helping with the project in some capacity, feel free to shoot me an email and let me know your ideas! (aaron@nomadsnation.com)

Email me aaron@nomadsnation.com if you wanna chat!