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This is where you will get a behind-the-scenes look at our backpack building journey! 

Be sure to watch the intro-video below, and also to scroll down to see our timeline and where we are currently at with the project 👇🏼

Step by step timeline

Project Progress (estimated launch - April 2024)

Complete – May 2022

After reviewing over 100+ bags on Nomads Nation, I felt there was a something missing from the market, and I had the idea to create a mission-driven, urban backpack company. 

I also had an idea for a unique product – a 2-in-1 premium backpack/sling combo that had never been done before. 

As the two ideas quickly merged into one, I knew it was something that I had to go for. 

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Complete – May 2022

We hired a brilliant backpack designer and production manager named Jon.

I have worked with Jon in the past on a different project, and his expertise was exactly what we needed to make a game-changing backpack. Find out more about Jon.

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Complete – June 2022

Jon and I had a 2 hour call where we spoke in detail about my backpack idea, and what I was hoping to accomplish. 

This call was crucial to set the stage for what we would create no only from a product perspective, but also a positioning and branding perspective. 

Complete – July 2022

Jon took  the notes from our first call and used them to create 4 different ideas for the pack (‘Concept illustrations’).

We took the time to discuss the pros and cons of each concept, and eventually settled on our favorite one. 

Complete – September 2022

Once we had our favorite concept picked out, it was time for Jon to hit the iPad and create the first versions of the 2D drawings.

There were 3 stages of the 2D designs – in each stage we improved upon the last, until we perfected the concept.

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Complete -February 2023

Once the 2D drawings are good to go, Jon moves on to the technical drawings needed for the factory to make the first prototype. 

(CAD = computer animated designs)

Complete -February 2023

From here the factory will evaluate the drawings, communicate any questions they have with us, and start work on the first prototype.

This part of the process can take up to a few months depending on how clear our drawings are, and how busy the factory is. 

Our first fabric sample was finished in mid-April! Click here to watch my reaction video to seeing the sample for my first time and to learn more about the backpack we are creating

After evaluting the first fabric mockup, we went through a few more versions before solidifying the shape of our bag with our final fabric mockup.

After evaluating the first prototype, we make a ‘Correction Book’ which tells the factory what changes we need for the pack so we can start making actual samples.

We now have our first REAL sample, and it’s stunning!

We actually made two samples with different features and materials to try and get a better idea of which path to take forward.

Truth be told, because of the amount of time we spent on the mockup stage, these samples look much more like a 2nd or 3rd sample.

The newest sample is now complete! The bag is ~95% finished – now we just have to tie up some loose threads, tighten the bag up, and nail our branding.

Once we have our Golden Sample, it means that we are ready to launch!

We are aiming to launch in late April 2024 

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