Let's work together.

NomadsNation is a one of a kind community of travelers, so without travelers running the show, this site is nothing! We are always looking for writers, photographers and videographers to strengthen the content for this awesome community.

Warning: We hold NomadsNation to the highest of standards, and will only publish content of the highest quality.  So if you think you got what it takes... read on. 


Epic written content is the foundation of NomadsNation. We accept travel articles of all kind, but are especially looking for destination guides written by Nomads who are experts in the area. If you think you got what it takes email us at TheNation@NomadsNation with subject line "NN Writing Contributor". (Also - If we really like your style, it could lead to bigger things.)


The photos and videos on NomadsNation are collaborations from Nomads all over the world. We are always accepting high quality photos and videos to be featured on the site. Whether you are curious in showing us a few shots, or interested in developing a long term professional relationship, shoot us an email at TheNation@NomadsNation.com with the subject line "NN Image Contributor".

We thank you for your interest, and we'll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Travel on, Nomads.

Aaron and Bernie. ​