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“What’ s up guys I’m Aaron Radcliffe with and we’re in Ho Chi Minh City and we’re about to do the best damn Aer travel pack review on the web. These are the things that we’re gonna cover. Stick around to the end, if you like what we’re doing, smash that like button. Let’s roll.

Alright, let’s talk about the specs of the Aer travel pack, and I wanna clarify, this is the Aer travel pack 2 that we’re talking about. The first spec is the cost, the Aer travel pack 2 is gonna run you $230 US Dollars. The cost is definitely a little on the pricey side, but when you see all that you’re getting with this backpack, it’s totally worth it. And for the size, the Aer travel pack only comes in one size and that’s this size right here which is 33 litres. 33 litres is a very specific backpack size, it’s definitely too big to be a day pack and it’s definitely too small to be a long term, like digital nomad travel pack. So a 33 liter is perfect for short term like midterm travel, think weekend trips, weeklong trips, 2 weeks’ trip, maybe even a month trip. It depends on your packing style and how much gear you actually bring. But the purpose of a 33 liter is for streamline travel that is always “carry on compliant.”

Okay, so let’s talk about the style of the Aer travel pack. Style is super subjective, everyone is gonna have different opinions, so am just gonna give you mine cos when it comes to Aer, style is the name of the game. Sure their backpacks are functional, their backpacks are durable, their backpacks are just overall awesome, but if I would take this one thing that really separates them from their competition, it’s the style man, they make really good looking packs. There’s a few factors that go into the style of Aer most of which is going to be this exterior material which is a ballistic nylon, but also and just as important is the color options because while other backpack companies might give you a ton of color options you could have a red one or a green one or a blue one, not with Aer. 

Every backpack is made from this ballistic nylon and every backpack is black on black. That’s just their look man, that’s just their vibe but let me tell you I mean take a look like it really works. Aer has achieved an aesthetic and a branding consistency that I think few other backpack competitors can even hold a candle to. If you watch our other reviews we do the Aer sling, the Aer gym bag, the Aer duffle backpack and you’ll see that the branding and the identity of these bags and this company as a whole is pretty similar, I mean most of their stuff is using this ballistic nylon and everything has this black on black, all of them are using these like matte zippers right here all of them have like the same feel of a zippers like their consistency is on point. So with this material and with the black on black, this backpack really says something with its style. This is for people who like a sleek urban modern minimalist sort of aesthetic, so if that’s you then you and Aer travel pack are gonna be like this.

Next up let’s talk about the way the Aer travel pack feels. Now the way it feels is a lot of things let’s talk about the exterior materials and the interior materials before jumping into like how it feels when we actually wear the back. Now the exterior materials feel amazing. Why? because they’re using Cordura ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is this fabric that you’re seeing right here where it has like a smooth sort of a scaly look and feel to it and Cordura is a brand, and Cordura makes arguably the best ballistic nylon on the planet and all Aer packs use Cordura ballistic nylon therefore all Aer packs have the best ballistic nylon ever. And the best part about ballistic nylon is not just the way that it looks, which is awesome, but it’s the way that it feels. Like I said it has a scaly sort of a look to it, it looks bumpy but it does not feel that way man, it is smooth to the touch it has like a silkiness to it but also like give me a light saber and you’d have a difficult time cutting into this thing because Cordura ballistic nylon is so tough, and also so durable, just because it’s smooth and silky doesn’t mean it’s not durable, men give me give me a knife right now you couldn’t even chop into this thing if you tried.

But unfortunately as crazy as I am about the exterior materials, I don’t love the interior materials as much. We’ll get into the actual inside of the backpack soon but these interior materials don’t feel as high-quality to me, overall they’re good I’m not complaining but compared to some of the competitors, specifically nomadic and especially Tortuga I think these interior materials are lacking a bit. 

Up next are the zippers. Now the zippers for Aer are really important, that’s because they do a very unique sort of branding with their zippers. Notice that all their zippers have sort of a matte like finish, that matte like finish looks super sexy and super sleek and I love it. But also with the zippers, talking about the feel, there’s definitely a very unique feel to Aer zippers. Now these are YKK zippers which means they’re the best quality zippers on the planet, but the zippers for Aer packs are definitely a little sticky sometimes. That’s not a bad thing it just means that when you open an Aer zipper you can’t be like weaksauce about it, it’s not gonna work. You’ve got to put a little bit of force into it, you gotta grip with that wrist and give it a manly pull. Now this isn’t like a bad thing, this is actually intentional, Aer wants a different zipper experience. You know like this zipper is super loosey-goosey, super easy, but the big chunkier zippers, they require a little bit more to actually operate them. This is intentional by Aer and like I said, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing. There are definitely other backpacks on the market that have awful zipper experiences, Aer is not one of them. Are they little sticky? Sure. Do they require a little bit more? Sure. But are they awful? Hell no. Great zippers, great feel to them. 

But now most important, let’s talk about the way that the pack feels when you’re wearing it. How does it feel? is it comfortable? what’s like the overall vibe? These are crucial with a backpack, like obviously you want to wear it so it needs to be comfortable, it needs to fit well and thankfully the Aer travel pack 2 feels really great. There’s plenty of ventilation and plenty of padding on the back panel and the shoulder straps to eliminate sweat and to make it just an overall really comfortable experience. We’ll talk a bit more about the comfort of the backpack when we actually talked about the back of the pack. I’ll talk about the back panel and the shoulder straps more in-depth, but for now just know that the pack feels awesome. 

So you’re traveling to a new city you got your Aer travel pack, you want to grab a quick drink, charge your phone and write in your journal a little bit, that’s what the front of the bag’s for. Let’s check it out. First up let’s talk about the actual aesthetic of the front. Basically it’s dominated by the ballistic nylon material and then you’ve got the single horizontal zipper just a little bit lower than halfway in the bag. This zipper has a waterproof lining which gives it that really nice sleek and leathery look and I love the way that that contrast would like the scaly bumpy look of the ballistic nylon. This is what I refer to as a quick access pocket, this is a good spot for things like a book, maybe you want to put a journal in there whatever it might be, it’s a decent amount of space, there’s no extra organization, it’s just a big pocket and that’s it. 

So now moving up a bit we have what I call a digital Nomad pocket but it’s also just the larger front pocket which if you are a fan of organization you gonna love this pocket, these pockets are great. You don’t see them in a lot of backpacks, you can see this in the Tortuga out breaker, a nomadic backpack in the nomadic travel pack. But more or less it’s kind of a rarity and I wish it was more common, because I think front organizational pockets like this are awesome, and I usually refer to it as a digital Nomad pocket because this is a sort of pocket that really benefits somebody who’s working with their backpack. Whether you’re using this for a tablet or maybe a smaller laptop, you’ve got spots for your notebooks, you’ve got pen slots. This is a cool little pocket, I’ll keep things like my watch in there or maybe an excess battery charger, this is good for phone chargers and wires. 

We’ve got some elastic pockets down here which I don’t typically utilize as much but if I do, I like to use it for things like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, tissues, things of that nature that I might not need immediately, that are still fAerly quickly accessible. And then if you look right here we also have this zipper. This is a great pocket for things like passport or I love to put spare cash in there. And then finally behind this zippered pocket we have this slot right here. This slot is enormous it runs deep, it runs the length of the entirety of this backpack, comes all the way down here. So if you have a big-ass notebook or an iPad, a big-ass iPad or maybe another laptop, you can put it in there, for me though, this is where my notebook goes. But the pocket feels good, you’ll like the way that it feels. It feels almost as good as it feels to hit the like button. 

So with the front that’s about it you’ve got these two pockets this would be an enormous selling point for me, but while I do love this pocket I do have one thing to complain about and I mentioned it before, the materials feel kind of cheap. They don’t feel terrible, but just like if you look at the way this sort of panel just kind of sits, it’s a little much. It doesn’t really settle nicely and really, what I’m doing is I’m comparing this right now to the Tortuga out breaker. The Tortuga out breaker has the same exact concept the digital Nomad organizational pocket, but in contrast the materials feel heavenly man, they’re soft, they’re smoothly but they retain their shape and their firmness and I just think that in comparison to that, Aer really cut some corners here and just use materials that I’m not really crazy about, but overall the pocket works and the front of the backpack is pretty awesome.

Let’s talk about the middle of the pack, first up let’s start on these sides. I love the sides of this backpack because unlike other packs the sides are actually different. Case in point, side number one, we have a strap water bottle holder, two compression straps. Side number two though, just two compression straps and here’s the weirder part, now some backpacks have that where, you know the sides aren’t the same, but usually one side will have the water bottle holder and the other side will have the strap. Kind of balanced it out, one side got one thing the other sides got another thing, but with the Aer travel pack, they put both the strap and the water bottle holder on the same side. I greatly pondered about why Aer did this, and I think that I actually like the strategy, because the concept is, if you’ve got everything on this one side that if you’re carrying it, kind of like in briefcase mode with the side handle, you can lay it flat on its side while still accessing your water bottle and having access to the handle. I think it actually works pretty well.

Let’s talk about these things though, so first of all the side handle. It’s not my favorite side handle in the world, Aer does a lot of things right but their handle is not one of my favorite things that they do. This one has a decent grip to it and it does work pretty well, I just wish that there was a little bit more girth or a little bit more padding to it cos after holding it for about 10-15 seconds, it loses its comfort and it just becomes a little cumbersome to hold. But with backpacks like this, you don’t really end up holding the strap too often so it’s not the end of the world. Here we have the two compression straps, now like I said there’s two on each side. I actually quite like these compression straps. Normally I’m a compression strap hater, I think they’re super overrated, but these compression straps are actually quite cool, I think they add a nice aesthetic to the backpack. The buckles are great; they work really nicely. I don’t know, I found compressing in this bag not to be as dumb as compressing in other bags, like compressing in this bag actually made sense, it actually worked the way that you would hope compression straps would work because sometimes they don’t always work the way that you think that the compression straps are meant to work. 

And finally on this side, let’s talk about the water bottle. So here we have Aer’s unique water bottle holder solution. I wouldn’t say unique standard luggage uses, I think peak design is a similar so it’s not unique to them but it’s definitely one of my favourite water bottle mechanisms on the market. I love it because when the water bottle is not in use it looks really nice, really clean, nice seamless, there’s not a lot happening but then when you want to pop your water bottle in, you just go ahead unzip it, slip your water bottle in and you’re good to go, and still with the water bottle in, it looks great. And here’s something that’s really cool that I’ve seen other backpacks try to do but I don’t think that they were actually able to accomplish it, and the compression strap adds an additional layer of security for the water bottle. 

Now, not all water bottles are gonna have this perfect fit with this compression strap, mine just happened to, but it’s really nice because honestly without it, it’s not the most secure water bottle holder. For instance, you’re in the Aerport, you’re walking around and all of a sudden you just slide out your water bottle, you can see that while I kind of had to force it out, it is in some ways just not tight. But that’s why I love having this compression strap because all you do is, you clip this bad boy and now it’s tight, that water bottle ain’t going nowhere or what’s cool is if you have a water bottle similar to mine where it has like this little you thing, you can go ahead and just kind of clip the strap in like that to keep it even more secure. Like I said this is a five hundred and thirty milliliter water bottle, so if you have a larger water bottle because this pocket is elastic, you can fit a larger water bottle in there, overall great water bottle holder. Like I said on this side we’ve got the two compression straps, they compress. 

Moving on to the top part, so we’ve got a few things to discuss here, starting with the top handle. Not crazy about this top handle. It’s got kind of like a cheap cardboardy feel to it. It’s firm, which some people do like, but for me, there’s no real padding and when you grab it, it just feels like it’s cardboardy to me. It feels cheap to me. I will give them points and props where it’s earned, there’s a good grab ability to it, like there’s enough space in there for your fins to go ahead and grab through, but the overall comfort, I’m not impressed.

Before we jump into the actual main compartment, we have another quick access pocket right here. This is a great spot for things like wallets or your fake-ass Ray Bans, earpods, keys. It’s a pretty decent sized pocket as you can see. The one thing that I don’t like about this pocket is that, I wish it was a softer lined pocket like a softer material. Typically, pockets like this are soft lined, so when you put your sunglasses in there, when you put your phone in there, when you put your watch in there, it doesn’t get scratched. I’m not sure this material is scratch free but it just doesn’t feel as nice and as comforting as a pocket that has that super soft material. 

Up next, let’s dive in to the main compartment. These compression straps do need to be unclipped or else you will not be able to get into the main compartment which is not that big of a deal, but something to keep in mind yet again, we got these chunky YKK zippers that feel great to open. Unclip these bad boys and here we have the main compartment. Remember, this is 33 litres and it feels to me on points, sometimes the backpack feels a little bit smaller than its advertised, sometimes it feels a little bit bigger than it’s advertised, this feels exactly like 33 litres to me. Here on this end we’ve got a mesh compartment, nice zipper access into it. This is a stiffer mesh webbing, normally I like my mesh to be like really soft and sort of fluid and malleable, this is not that, not saying that it’s not durable, but it’s just not as nice to the touch. It feels like you’re gonna slice your fingertip off, but it’s a good spot for tech stuff, this is where I keep like a laptop charger. 

And then below it we have another pocket right here, just a nice little basic pocket that you can put anything, maybe you want to put a small travel towel in there, maybe some socks, maybe another notebook, maybe you’re like me and you travel with seven notebooks, this is a great spot for a notebook but that more or less is the back side nice simple two pockets. The actual main compartment is quite nice. As you can see we put some stuff in there to give you an idea of how well it packs, so here are some packing cubes, these are my Pro packing cubes. They’re really nice packing cubes, I’ll put a link in the description below. I’ve got my peak design wash pouch and also the Aer tech pouch, I’ll put links to these in the bottom. 

But here we have the actual main compartment and you can see that it’s just a classic clamshell style opening. A clam shell opening means it opens like this, which basically means it’s a backpack that isn’t top-loading. It opens like this (like a suitcase), like a clam. I like the simplicity of this pocket. I like the depth of this pocket, it works really well. There’s no other compartments in there unless you are using the shoe compartment, which is this guy of which I’ll explain in a second. But more or less really pleased with the capacity. If you are someone who enjoys packing cubes like me, packing cubes are really growing on me and overall just sort of modular travel, you’ll be pleased with this compartment as it fits anything you need bro.

Let’s talk about that shoe compartment, so notice on the bottom right here, we have a little zip container that’s for your shoes, isn’t it cute. This shoe compartment is quite interesting, now not everybody likes shoe compartments but the good thing is that you don’t need to put your shoes in there. You can either A). do what I do and completely neglect and forget about it or B). what is recommended by Aer that I think it’s quite smart is using it for dirty laundry. You got a sweaty day out with hochi man, you’re shooting a backpack review, you take off your comfy ass hurley shirt, pop it in there. This shoe compartment is large enough to fit a pAer of shoes that are men’s size 13, so it’s pretty hefty, you should be able to fit your shoes in there. That’s why this is a really great backpack, also for like a two, three-day trip, you know you want to go to the Aerport comfy with your sandals on, maybe you want to bring a pAer of sneakers for the gym, maybe you want to bring a pAer of dress shoes for the wedding, maybe you want to bring a pAer of cow boy boots because that’s just how you roll man. Whatever it is, your shoes will fit in there. 

But, going back into this main compartment, keep into consideration that if you’re gonna use the shoe compartment, you were going to have severely compromised capacity in this main compartment because check it out let’s say we put something in there (I’m actually going to take my actual shoes off), so you can see you just pop them in there. Zip it closed. My shoes have been successfully packed but look at all the space that they take, so this is what I recommend. If you are going on a two-day trip and you just can fit a few things of clothes in there and you’re not traveling with like a bunch of tech stuff, you can definitely fit your clothes and your shoes in there. But I wouldn’t recommend bringing shoes for like longer-term travels, like if you’re trying to take this backpack out for like a month you might need more space for all your stuff, all your tech stuff, all your bathroom stuff, all your clothes stuff and the shoes can really compromise that extra space, but honestly it is really nice to have. Using it is super easy, taking your shoes out, you can pop it closed and then when you’re not using it, I just go ahead and roll it up, tuck it in right there and you will literally forget it even exists. So more or less that is about it with the middle of the pack, the highlight being the awesome main compartment the versatile shoe compartment and this badass side panel man where you got the handle, you got the water bottle holder and these compression straps, which I inexplicably have fallen in love with, but let’s move on to the back of the pack.

Last but certainly not least let’s do the back of the Aer travel pack II, first up and this is most important to me because I’m a digital nomad and my laptop is everything, so let’s check out the laptop compartment. One thing to note is that you get 3/4 access, this zipper stops there, which can be frustrating to some. I used to hate this, the Menaul carry on 2.0 does that, it used to infuriate me but now, I’ve accepted it, and the other side will come down further giving you like a 3/4 access to your laptop compartment. The laptop compartment itself is super basic, we just have this one laptop sleeve right there, this is good for up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and for pockets that’s it but one thing to note is that you got some depth in there. As you can see you can fit a ton more stuff in there, so like I have a bunch of digital nomad gear that I carry around, I’ve got my mousepad, I’ve got my little jelly wrist guard thing, I’ve got my Bluetooth keyboard in there. I mean this thing is big, this thing is deep, there’s a ton that you can fit in there. This is a great compartment for any digital nomads or anybody just traveling with a laptop in general and most importantly is like with a laptop compartment, I want my laptop to feel secure, I want it to feel tight, I want it to feel like it’s protected and it’s not gonna get smashed, and this laptop compartment gives me all of that. It’s a really nice compartment, I feel great about it and also the zippers are really nice too

Up next let’s talk about the actual back panel, first up the straps are super comfortable, I love the materials that they used on these straps right here, they’re really really cushiony. Some shoulder straps are on the firm side, somewhere on the cushiony side. I prefer a little bit more cushion for the pushing, if you know what I mean. Moving on with the shoulder straps, we have a removable sternum strap right here. This sternum strap is fantastic because like I said, it is removable and also we have the little nylon holder right here which keeps excess dangle away, cos dangles sucks. Got this little clip guy right there I have no idea what you would use it for but if you have like a little thing that you want to clip things onto, then you can use this guy to clip those things onto the thing, and then further down yet again talking about how dangle sucks, we also have the dangle stoppers on the bottom of the strap to make sure that this excess nylon is kept in its place. 

Moving on from these shoulder straps, if we look at the actual back panel we can see that they match the style and the overall material and padding of the shoulder straps. So it’s kind of like an extension, great for style and also just great for continuity, and the back panel itself is really cushioning man, I’m telling you this backpack is delightful to wear. It’s really really comfortable. Obviously for $230 US dollars, it better be comfortable, it better be like wearing a cloud on your back and it is. It’s really nice. When it comes to breathability, ventilation is super important and we only really have this one central gap, but I’ve been wandering around Ho Chi Minh with this backpack on, and it’s hot as balls out here man and there’s been plenty of ventilation, my back hasn’t gotten too sweaty. So while it’s only the one little gap, it’s been more than adequate.

And also right here we have this little strap, when I first bought it I’m like is that really a handle? you expect me to grab that and actually, it’s not a handle. This is meant for suitcases, so if you actually got a suitcase and you pop the handle on the suitcase up, you can then slide the backpack over top of that, and it can stay in place. And then finally moving down south, we have these waist straps. The waist straps I’m pretty sure are not included, but they’re pretty good waist straps. They’re super simple, there’s not a lot to them, they are detachable. Obviously some waist straps and other backpacks have a pocket right here, there’s nothing like that, it’s just minimalism at its finest. These things do not do anything else but help keep the bag secure around your waist, they’re really comfortable. We have the nylon dangle stopper, really nice buckle. The waist strap itself has a decent amount of padding, as you can see it’s sort of a continuation, the same materials as the back panel and the shoulder straps, so it’s consistent and it is nice and cushiony. Guys if you are thinking about getting this bag, I do recommend getting the waist straps. I’m a big fan of waist straps and generally really helps secure the backpack and take weight off of your back, and I think they’re only like a 15 or a $20 add-on which I think is completely worth it. Back safety is important, take care of your back 

Okay guys we have torn this bag apart, now to wrap things up we’re going to take this Aer travel pack review back to my co-working space. I’m gonna let you know what the overall pros of this backpack are. I’m gonna let you know what the overall cons of this backpack are, and then most importantly I’ll give you my personal recommendation for who I think this bag is perfect for, but if it’s not for you I’ll let you know what bag is for you. I’ll see you at the co-working space.

First things first, the overall pro number one for the Aer travel pack is the fact that it’s made by Aer. What I mean by that is that Aer puts an amazing commitment to the quality of their materials whether it’s the YKK zippers, this Cordura ballistic nylon or the overall style, whatever it is you, know whatever part that you like, it’s a part of the Aer ecosystem and the Aer standard of their products, it’s just there’re marvelous. Overall Pro number two is going to be the comfort. For a 30 – 40-liter bag, I can say this is definitely one of the more comfortable ones. I love this back panel, I love these shoulder straps, it’s a really comfortable experience and then overall pro number three is going to be the shoe compartment. Now like I said shoe compartments are a big controversy, so some people are like I only travel one pAer of shoes, I don’t need a shoe compartment. That’s fine then use it for laundry, use it for a towel, use it for some headphones, throw a six pack of beer in there, doesn’t matter. It can fit a ton of stuff and the best part is that if you don’t use it on the main compartment, you just roll that up, tuck it down and it’s like it never existed. I’m a big fan of this.

But let’s flip it around, let’s talk about the cons of this backpack. Con number one is the interior materials, specifically in this front panel area, they just feel cheap to me. I’m not a big fan of them. Like if you look at them they’re like a little wavy and bendy and saggy and then I get kind of like, they don’t feel great. Exterior materials – top of the game, interior materials though its leading a little bit to be desired, I’m just not a fan of the interior materials, especially with this particular compartment. Con number two is going to be the laptop compartment or the tech compartment or whatever compartment you want to call it, yet again a little underwhelming. And the only reason I’m saying this is because I’m comparing it to some of Aer’s other packs laptop or tech compartments, whatever you want to call it, and this one’s just kind of not the most secure, not the best materials. It’s just kind of alright. Your stuffs should be secure in there like don’t worry about that, but for the price point I was kind of hoping for the best of the best and this just seems like the goodest of the good. Not quite the best of the best but like the okayest of the okay. And then finally the last con that I have, con number three are the handles. Remember we got this side handle right here, and then we got this top handle right here which upon first look you’re like “that thing’s gonna rock, I love that handle”. But then you touch it and you’re like “that thing’s okay, I don’t love that handle”. There’s like a plastic lining or a base on top and it just makes it uncomfortable to hold. In the handle game, this just ain’t even like in the top ten dog, it’s just like it’s an okay handle. Looks ten out of ten, functionality five or six out of ten.

We got all the pros, we got all the cons, I know what you’re waiting. What’s the overall score? I give it a 4.2 out of 5. Aer is definitely like one of the top dogs in this game man, and there’s so much to love about this pack but the interior materials to me are definitely kind of a downer. That’s my score, deal with it. So last but not least, who is this pack for? is it for you? I’m about to tell you…. This pack is definitely for you if you’re looking for a one bag backpack. The one bag movement is like huge right now. What that means is that you can take this on a trip and it can carry all of your stuff and you’re not gonna need another backpack. This is your day pack, this is your gear pack, this is your travel pack, this is your everything pack, and because of the size (a very strategic 33 liters) you’re also gonna be able to carry this on like 95% of flights. Just pop it into the overhead and you’re good to go. Because of the size this is one of the most popular and overall best one bag backpack on the market. It’s so good for what it does, it’s so good if that’s what you’re in, it’s awesome.

This backpack is also perfect for you if you’re looking for a bag for weekend or week-long trips. Now check it out, you can live the rest of your life off of this backpack. Minimalist right now are screaming “I mean how dare you, you could travel for years with this” ………. I get that. But that sort of travel style isn’t for everyone so I gotta cater for all my peeps out there, so if you’re more like a normal packer, and like you carry more stuff, you like to have 70 shirts and three pAers of pants and a drone and a camera and a laptop, so you have a ton of gear. This is great for weekend trips or week-long trips, I mean it could be longer it just depends on how much laundry you do, how many clothes you bring and your overall gear but at 33 litres? super comfortable for most people for three to ten day trips

And finally this backpack is perfect for you if you love that Aer aesthetic. Aer makes urban city backpacks; you wouldn’t be caught dead hiking with this thing. It’s the complete opposite of like that old-school hiker, this is more like that urban aesthetic, that ballistic nylon “it’s like yo I’m a city person,” “it’s like yo I’m an urban dweller,” that’s the sort of vibe and sort of aesthetic that this bag gives off. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I love Aer, because I’m into that whole urban minimalist sleek, sexy sort of a look. So if that’s your vibe, if you and this backpack right now are just totally vibing together then use the links below and get this thing. This bag is going to be perfect for you, you won’t regret it. 

But let me tell you who this pack isn’t for. First off, this backpack is not for you if you’re looking for an everyday backpack, an EDC have you, every day carry, if that’s what you’re looking for, this 33 litres is, too big sorry just is. The max I would recommend for an everyday carry is 30 liters. But really you can get away with something in the 20 to 25-liter area. 15? too small for most, 20 to 30? Perfect. 30 plus? a bit too big. But don’t worry if you’re looking for a day pack, check the links below where I will hook you up with some of the best day packs in the game, even some day packs by Aer. This is also not for you if you’re looking for a long term travel backpack. Notice how I extended the long-term. At 33 liters, I can even travel for like a month with this no problem. But if you’re like going out on the road and you’re planning to travel for three months, five months up to a year, then I think 33 liters is just too small. Doable? Yes. Too small for most? Yes. If you are about to engage on a long-term travel and you’re looking for a pack to be like your BFF feel on that experience? This isn’t gonna be big enough, check the links below. Down there I got some of the baddest travel packs ever made, like they’re awesome. I’m talking like nomadic, I’m talking Tortuga, just check the links there’s some dope ones down they.

Guys thanks so much for sticking around for this epic Aer travel pack II review. If you’re still here it’s because I have a sneaking suspicion that you like backpacks. I like backpacks too, so please do yourself a favor and hit the subscribe button or at least hit the little thumbs up video, the little thumbs up guy. Whether you like or comment on the video or subscribe, that lets us know whether we’re doing a good job and most importantly it lets YouTube know that we’re doing a good job and that boosts us up in the rankings which is just good for everyone. That’s it. we’ll see you guys next time. Bye.”

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