100 Best Travel Blogs – The Ultimate List (2023)


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Welcome to NomadsNation’s list of 100 best travel blogs on planet earth. We started this list wanting to expand on our Travel Blog Power Rankings, and to create a thorough, up to date resource for experienced and aspiring travelers.

We at NomadsNation are a blog, but we never would be here without the direction, and inspiration from this large network of existing (and emerging) travel bloggers.

Some newbies. Some oldies. Some of the biggest names. Some of the smallest names. We don’t discriminate. These are the blogs we love.

*For the sake of a clean, navigable format, we have organized these blogs by niche, which was a bit difficult to do. While some blogs are apparent about their specific niche, most travel blogs overlap, and could be put in multiple categories. This list was our best effort to keep this page as clean as possible, and by no means is meant to insult, or pigeonhole any of these amazing bloggers.*

**NomadsNation is a reflection of our community. Tell us your thoughts on a blog we’ve featured. If we like what you gotta say, we’ll publish your words in this article!** [/expand]

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 Best Budget Travel Blogs

Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

*Staff Pick* The beginning of the list, and the highest of our recommendations. Wandering Earl (real name Derek) transcends what it means to be a travel blogger. The travel blogging industry is filled with hidden agendas, and unrealistic depictions of traveling. Derek is the antithesis – open, transparent, and refreshingly honest. He exemplifies the positive, open minded attitude of a world citizen, and is an example for veteran and aspiring travelers across the planet.

If you want to understand him as a person, writer, and traveler, his hilarious “conversation” with his younger self  is a good place to start. Also this gem about his choice of hotel in Mumbai is the embodiment of his enviable attitude as a traveler. (But you can’t go wrong with anything the man has published)

Travel Independent

Travel Independent

*Staff Pick* Less of a blog, and more of a crowd sourced travelers guide, Travel Independent is arguably the most important budget-travel-resource on the web. When it comes to thoroughness of content and accuracy of tone – Travel Independent has no equal. Most important is the tone of the site. No rainbows and unicorns type travel writing that plagues the travel-web. Just real, down to earth advice for real, down to earth travelers. Read their destination guides. Now.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

*Staff Pick* You may have heard of him. He’s kind of a big deal. Matthew Knepes started Nomadic Matt in 2008, and in the past near-decade, has become the Michael Jordan of this industry… and deservingly so. Over his travel blogging career, his tone has remained consistent, and he has treated his brand with the utmost integrity, rarely taking sponsored trips or compromising his site. He also has taken increasingly progressive stand on social issues, promoting LGBT travel, and supporting ecotourism.

Destination guides are always a go-to, but we also like his inspiration-type articles, like this one where he talk about his lessons learned while traveling.

Globo Treks

Five years on the road, professional architect Norbert is on a mission to visit every country in the world. As impressive as that is, we find his content to be more impressive. Norbert publishes the ubiquitous/needed travel-blog posts, but also branches out into territory we find… refreshing. His favorite architectural cities of Europe, round the world soundtrack, and explaining his perspective on the cost of destinations make his blog a must-read,

Just a Pack

Well designed and well written – Just a Pack has all the characteristics of a professional travel blog. Friends Michael and Randi have been traveling for two years together, and their blog is both a chronicle of their journey, and and impressive budget travel resource. Their budget travel guides are well put together (Barcelona being a good example), and their top-ten lists are digestible and informative. Great work!

Travel Freak

Jeremy’s blog has gained a lot of traction recently, and deservingly so. The design is stellar, and the content is great. He’s been in the game for a while – one of his most popular posts being about his nude bungee jumping experience in New Zealand in 2011. Due to some health issues he’s semi-nomadic now, but is still pumping out great content like his article on Ho Chi Minh (10 points for alliteration too Jeremy).


Polish bff’s Agness and Cez have been traveling together since 2011, and aim to keep costs under $25 a day. Impressive. eTramping has interesting, applicable travel advice, and an array of tips to keep travel costs lowww. Their awesome work abroad post has some amazing advice from an impressive list of travel bloggers, and they also maintain a page for English Teaching jobs in China.

Price of Travel

(Side by side with Budget Your Trip ->)

The Price of Travel is one of the most valuable resources for budget travelers. All of the blog posts are valuable, but the site’s most impressive features are the Backpacker Budget Index’s for Africa/Middle East, Central/South America, Asia, Europe, and well… the world as a whole.

Budget Your Trip

(<- Side by side with Price of Travel) 

Budget Your Trip gives you daily budgeting estimates for cities around the world… and in our research/experience… they’re spot on. While the blog does have some high quality posts, this site’s meat and potatoes is it’s budget search engine. Give it a go. You shan’t regret it.


Best Travel Vlogs



*Staff Pick* Vagabrothers have made a name for themselves putting together high quality, informative travel videos that are very entertaining. They have magnetic personalities and the quality of their footage and editing is spectacular. Fun + professional. It’s a lethal combination.

While they’ve catalogued an impressive amount of interesting videos, their city guides are our favorites. They typically begin with some historical pretext (always appreciated) and dive into food and culture. Some highlights being Toronto, Amsterdam and a very entertaining Mendoza video. (Also, follow them on Snapchat.)

A Brit and a Broad

A Brit and a Broad
A Brit and a Broad

*Staff Pick* A three-person team, A Brit and a Broad features hosts Macca and Brianna in front of the camera, and Brain Ceci directing the magic behind the camera.

Stylish videos meets the modern traveler – their style is completely unique. Their content is down to earth, and very intimate and relatable, while simultaneously maintaining a very contemporary and professional vibe. Macca and Brianna are amazing hosts, but Brian’s cinematography and editing are what takes A Brit and a Broad to the next level. This is the proof. 

Hey Nadine

Her name is Nadine, and (as of writing) at 270,000+ Youtube subscribers…. she’s doing ok for herself. Her success is due to her 1) great cinematography skills 2) even better editing skills and 3) incredibly cute, vibrant, and infectious personality. Her videos are entertaining, while also having substance and value. Start here.

Kick the Grind

Mike Corey’s mission statement is ‘experiences over possessions’ and has done well translating that to his brand. Kick the Grind is five plus years of travel footage, challenges and inspiration. His videos are intelligent, inquisitive and thought provoking, like his documentation of his 30 days alone in the forest for his 30th birthday.

Alex Chacon

A Go-Pro-Pro, Alex made a name for himself posting epic videos about his even epic-er adventures. His videos are well edited, but usually raw and alive – which works perfectly for his brand.  A motorcycle enthusiast, Alex has biked across India, Oman, and more impressively 500 days from Alaska to Argentina.

Sonia’s Travels

Sonia’s Youtube channel is legit. Her videos are well produced, giving them a professional feel that compliments her bright, animated personality. While she does have a handful of longer videos, most of her content is 2-3 minute travel tips that are helpful and concise and always entertaining.

Best Adventure Travel Blogs

Uncharted Backpacker

Unchartered Backpacker

*Staff Pick* Meet Uncharted Backpacker – a new kid on the block, but in our opinion, one of the finest travel blogs on the web. The site is gorgeous, writing is great, and photography??? I say Amen! Creator Stephen Gollan has spent the last seven years traveling and accumulating an adventurous resume (Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, etc.). His advice is solid, and his tone is real – something we value over anything else here at NN.

His post on his time in Rajasthan is fantastic as is his experience in Afghanistan. But the quality of photography and navigability of the site make any article worthwhile. Keep it up Stephen.

The Broke Backpacker

Will is a character, and has successfully transferred his personality to his website. It’s great! A self proclaimed ‘amateur adventure traveler’, The Broke Backpacker is an entertaining look at hardcore adventure budget travel. Currently Will is in the midst of an epic itinerary – U.K. to Papa New Guinea. 18 months. 20 pounds a day. No flying. Well played Will, well played.


NOMADasaurus is a cool brand and creators Jarryd and Alesha have done very well for themselves over a short period of time. Why? Well first off – the site has a great design. It’s fun, reflects their adventurous brand, and is very navigable. Second – their content is very detailed, and they leave no stone unturned (like this great post on the world’s most dangerous hike).

Indie Traveller 

Indie Traveler has done well for itself (and congrats on going full time Marek) and deservingly so. The blog has a ton of information. We like the destination guides, in particular a very informative and thorough section dedicated to traveling Southeast Asia.

Escaping Abroad

James has put together a real adventure travel blog, cataloguing his experiences swimming with whale sharks, cage diving with not-whale sharks, and stalking glow-in-the-dark scorpions. What’s most interesting is he is an avid ‘field herper’  (‘the searching for poisonous frogs & venomous snakes in their wild, natural habitats’) which obviously sounds awesome.

Nomad Revelations

Portuguese creator Joao Leitao has an impressive adventure travel resume and an even more impressive brand with Nomad Revelations. The site looks and feels great, and has a lot of material, some of the more interesting being his recent time in Iraq and North Korea.


Great design, great writing, great photography – Charli has put together a fantastic site! We like her destination guides (Nevis looks stunning by the way), but we definitely recommend checking out her very thorough housesitting articles. We’ll be keeping an eye on Wanderlusters.

Best Female Travel Blogs

The Professional Hobo

The Professional Hobo

*Staff Pick* Nora Dunn is The Professional Hobo, and just as importantly, one of the best travel writers on the web. She is an exceptional wordsmith, and has made a name for herself by specializing in free accommodation. In her past life Nora was a financial planner, and her finance-savviness is evident on her blog, as she publishes financial case studies and money travel tips.

Nora annually summarizes her year in travel (here’s 2014, and 2015) and if you sign up for her newsletter, she’ll send you a five part series about how to travel full time in a financially stable way.

Adventurous Kate

Kate’s a legend in this industry, and it almost feels a bit sacrilegious not putting her in the NomadsNation Staff picks, so we’d like to reiterate – we got nothin’ but love for you Kate! Our favorite aspect to the blog is her tone. Down to earth. Real. No BS. It’s very refreshing, and has solidified her brand. We had a hard time picking one article to promote, so check out the best of her blog and just get lost in it.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin’s blog was doing quite well for itself, then she got picked up by NomadicMatt to be his Solo Female writing expert, and now she’s basically a travel-blogging-household-name (and deservingly so). Her site is stunning, and her content focuses on solo female travel and outdoor/adventure travel. Check out her budget for 6 months in SE Asia.

P.S. I’m on My Way

“If you are looking for travel guides, this blog is not it”. Trisha’s blog is refreshing in it’s self-awareness. She travels, then she writes about it. Easy as that. While she has practical guides (like her saving $4,000 on accommodation) Trisha focuses more on inspiration and learning about life through traveling. Her Dear Girls of the World series is lovely, and a must read for aspiring female travelers.

Young Adventuress

We love Liz’s Young Adventuress. Why? While the site is great, and destination guides are completely on point – it’s the tone of her more personal articles that resonates most. Not afraid to curse, not afraid to piss people off, YA is a refreshing alternative to middle-of-the-road-make-everyone-happy travel blogging. She writes great guides for females, but our favorites posts are Solo and Single and The Best Hate of 2015 (haters gon’ hate Liz – keep up the great work).

That Backpacker

Audrey’s That Backpacker… it’s kind of a big deal (try 170,000+ likes on fb). She’s been blogging for years, and has accumulated an impressive library of destination guides. We like Audrey’s site, and find her to be a wonderfully enjoyable read. Check out her trip to Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, and (since she taught English there for a year) anything South Korea related.

 Best Male Travel Blog

Man on the Lam

Threw you off with this one? While male travel blogs are a thing, they aren’t really a thing. Enter Man on the Lam, a ‘curious gentlemen’s guide to escape and escapism.’ Raymond Walsh is a talented wordsmith, and while he has detailed posts (like this epic guide for cheap accommodation) most of his posts are good short reads, that are very funny.

Best LGBT Travel Blogs

Leave Your Daily Hell

Leave Your Daily Hell

*Staff Pick* Robert’s Leave Your Daily Hell is the perfect mix of advice mixed with personal memoirs. A gifted writer and storyteller, the blog is loaded with valuable travel information, intimate stories, and some of the best travel photography on the web. Start with his guide for spending two months in Europe, then do yourself a favor and get lost in his stunning photography.

Globetrotter Girls

Once a couple, now just Dani’s project, Globetrotter Girls has been around since 2010, and was one of the first Lesbian-travel blogs on the map. The site has an extraordinary amount of content, as Dani writes about gay travel, budget travel, and travel photography. But having saved $20,000 housesitting around the world, we recommend starting there.

Two Bad Tourists

A new kid on the block, Two Bad Tourists is a self proclaimed gay travel blog. Run by couple Auston and David, the site has a heavy focus on gay travel, or as they put it ‘gaycations’. Their content as a whole is well written, but in particular their gay city guides are very thorough (and downloadable!).

Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien are a gay couple traveling the world, and doing an impressive job chronicling their journey. NB is both entertaining and informative, with well written articles concerning all things gay-travel. Their brand is fun but conscious, as they aim to support LBGT communities across the world particularly in parts of the world that are not always gay-friendly.

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Best Couple Travel Blogs

The World Pursuit

The World Pursuit
The World Pursuit

*Staff Pick* A bit newer on the scene, we were immediately impressed with The World Pursuit. The design, feel and (most importantly) content has all the makings of professional travel blog. Although we’ve put it in the ‘couple blog’ category, the posts are relevant to budget travelers of all kind. Their travel expense report for 19 countries and cost to backpack Europe are both rigorous and brilliantly written. Heed our advice, this blog is going places.

 Getting Stamped

And the best blog design on this list goes to…. Getting Stamped! Talk about ‘wow’ – this site is an aesthetic orgasm, with quality content to match. Run by Adam and Hannah, Getting Stamped is blogging the right way, evidenced by articles like their Maldives Photo Guide (the drone photography looks great!) and Getting Drunk on Colour in Morocco.

What Doesn’t Suck?

Great brand name and a tone to match, What Doesn’t Suck… Doesn’t suck. Jeff (American) and Anne (French) are expats living in Dubai, and using their home as a launch pad to explore the rest of the world. We really like the down to earth tone – they are personable and funny! Their videos are great too, in particular 48 hours in Beirut and Iceland.

 Hecktic Travels

Canadians. Sold everything to travel the world. You know, that old chestnut. But Dalene and Pete did a bit more with their travels, creating Hecktic Travels and turning it into a very successful brand. They have become a goliath in this industry, and have been paving the way for travel bloggers since 2009. We love their writing, integrity of their brand, and transparency as a traveling couple. 

  Road Affair

We’ve had our eye on the aesthetically striking Road Affair for a while. Jazzy and Ben have done well, and their site is really coming together. Their budget guides are improving and their content is strongest when they maintain a down-to-earth tone. Articles like S**t Happens all the Time and Am I a Selfish Daughter? are prime examples

The Global Couple

Reigning from New Zealand, Petra and Shaun have put together an impressive site. In particular, the articles are well written, and there is a crap ton of available content – all which is on a gorgeous site that is easily navigable. Check out their 36 Hour Destination Guides (a great series title by the way) and their New Zealand guides.

Best Travel Hacking Blogs

Upgraded Points

Upgraded Points

*Staff Pick* Run by Alex and Erin, Upgraded Points is an impressive team of Travel Hacking specialists. Travel Hacking is becoming a saturated niche, but currently we find Upgraded Points to be the best in the business. Why? Their content is incredibly thorough and aggressively updated. If you are seeking consultation for maximizing miles or points, there is not better resource available. Bravo!

If you are a Travel-Hacking-newbie, definitely check out their express and in depth beginner guides. But their most impressive content revolves around their relentless dedication to maximizing earnings, and maximizing points and miles.

Travel is Free

Travel is Free

Drew and Caroline’s Travel is Free is nothing short of spectacular. Drew’s posts are thorough, meticulously researched, and typically ahead of the curve. A solid writer, his posts are some of the best in this niche and TIF is quickly becoming one of the leading voices in the Travel Hacking community.

Travel is Free has some great infographics (United Guide is our favorite) and good destination guides, but if you want to maximize the value of this site (see what I did there?) keep up with his blog. Drew is always looking for new Travel Hacking angles, and will likely be one of the firsts to report on innovations (like this gem).

The Points Guy

The Points Guy is more like The Points God. His site is a Pandora’s Box of Travel Hacking information and updates. Spending, redemptions, maximizing… what ever credit cards questions you have, Brian Kelly and his crew probably got you covered. While there are numerous articles to promote, we think their Top Ten Deals is the best place to start.

View from the Wing

If there was a vote tomorrow about who should be crowned the king of points and miles, Gary Leff would likely be the winner. He’s a Travel Hacking blog-pioneer, and is a genius in the topic by every measure. While he can hack with the best of them, his specialty is his deeper knowledge and awareness of miles and the airline industry as a whole. Also, keep an eye on his Top Ten Deals.

Million Mile Secrets

Another authority on miles and points, Million Mile Secrets has been on top of their niche for years. The site moves very fast, with a ton of writers contributing high quality articles – very important in the quickly-moving Travel Hacking scene. (Also, MMS was nice enough to let us do a guest post this year, so another thanks to them for that!)

God Save the Points

Another new kid on the block, we found to God Save the Points through Million Mile Secrets, and have been thoroughly impressed. They have a well designed, minimalist, yet aesthetically striking website, and most importantly, the content to match. Their beginner guide is fantastic, easily navigable, and a great place to start.

Best Location Independent Travel Blogs

Goats on the Road

Goats on the Road

*Staff Pick* This feels weird. We’ve been (devoutly) following GOTR for years, so categorizing them as a Location Independent Travel Blog seem… sacrilegious. While they are a couple budget travel blog that is currently re-branding into a Digital Nomad Travel Blog… calling them anything less than an industry authority at this point would be absurd. Goats on the Road has some of the best budget travel content on the web, and theyhave wedged their way into the tops of the travel blogging world.

But! Their content has been exponentially Digi-Nomad heavy, and if their guides for Mexico and Malta are any hint of what’s in store… we’re in for a treat.

 Become Nomad

Eli David runs Become Nomad, and frankly, it’s awesome. David has an efficient writing style – informative while being very easy to process. You really can’t go wrong with anything he’s published. In particular, his Trending Digital Nomad Locations piece is impressive, and illustrates his knowledge and involvement in the DN community.

Spartan Traveler

Detail oriented and business savvy, Clayton’s Spartan Traveler is a fantastic resource for travelers and digital nomads. As a traveler, he’s transparent about his travel costs and the lessons he’s learned on the road. As an entrepreneur, he blogs about location independence, and has a lot advice for other digital nomads.

 Johnny FD

Johnny’s brand is exploding and he is starting to show up everywhere. The man is an enviable entrepreneur, and his success is due to hard work on his projects, and business transparency on his blog. Based in Chiang Mai for the past four years, his ultimate guide to the city is not a false advertisement. Highly recommended.

The Nomad List

We’ve been following this site since it’s earliest stages, and it’s been fun watching it grow to where it is now. While the site does many things, the community-controlled city rankings is particularly unique. It can be extremely valuable for travelers looking to gain insight into costs and logistics of cities, and is nothing short of essential for Digital Nomads.

Best Travel Food Blogs



*Staff Pick* One of the early influencers of the travel-blogging-food-scene, Mark Wiens has become a goliath in his niche. He’s so far ahead of the competition it’s scary – there are no food travel blogs that can even compare to his (that we’re aware of).  While his photos and writing are great, it’s his Youtube channel that has recently helped separate him from the competition. Mark has a particular love for street food, and only in video can you really appreciate the atmosphere that is so crucial in the experience of eating street food.

If you’re a foodie – Migrationology will be your paradise. While his Jakarta, Singapore, and Taipei city guides are insane, his expertise is undoubtedly Thai food which is thoroughly chronicled in his Bangkok Travel Guide for Food Lovers. 

Will Fly for Food

Recently rebranded, JB & Renée run a very nice, personal, travel blog, that has a huge emphasis on food. Their city guides are good, very thorough and well organized – but their food guides are very impressive! Easy to read, with good photography, we like their organization and that they tell you what to eat, and most importantly, where you can find it. Check out their guides for Hong Kong, Penang, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and their new food infographics (amazing!).

Legal Nomads

Ex-lawyer Jodi started Legal Nomads in 2008, and while it has transformed into more than just a food blog, the food is still our favorite part. She has celiac’s disease and an extreme insensitivity to gluten, so a lot of her guides are written for travelers with gluten intolerance. Regardless of your dietary needs, her guide to Northern India should be checked out, and if you ever travel to Saigon, this 10,000 word monster article will be your food bible.

Plant Powered Nomad

Amelia’s blog is great! Lovely design, and great content ranging from conscious travel, to teaching English abroad, and more. But! We enjoy her vegan-inspired blog posts the most. Doesn’t matter if you eat vegan or not, her vegan travel guides (Rome and St. Petersburg being some highlights) are gorgeous and very thorough.

i am a food blog

Steph and Mike run the aesthetically pleasing i am a food blog. The site is mostly recipe-driven, but they do have a small travel section, and if their future travel-food-posts have any resemblance their Tokyo food guide, we are in for a treat. (Dear Steph and Mike – Please travel more!)

Best Photography Travel (Blogs)

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere
Everything Everywhere

*Staff Pick* Gary Ardnt. The man. The legend. One of the OG’s of the travel blogging world, Gary has turned Everything Everywhere into one of the most iconic brands in travel photography. There isn’t much more to be said. Start here and just get lost. Some of our favorites are his work in Jerusalem, Jordan, Antarctica, Lesotho, and the most mind blowing gallery of them all – Namibia. 

 Traveling Lens

Travel through the Lens
Travel through the Lens

*Staff Pick* Vivienne Gucwa has earned her 2.5 million followers with her mind blowing travel photography. Her photos seem to come so naturally – intimate and unassuming. She is also a very talented writer and will accompany her photography with lovely prose (example – There are sunrises that feel like heartbeats skipping in anticipation, when the heart skips in tune with the planets rhythm). Just click this link to her portfolio and go nuts.

Finding The Universe

Lawrence and Jessica have the eye, which is why this is possibly our favorite travel-photo site. While all of their photography is gorgeous, they seem to excel in landscape/natural photography. Some of their best work can be found in their area-specific photography location guides (a great idea by the way), in particular the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park.

Richard Bernabe

A nature photographer with few equals, this man can work a camera. There’s something special about his work… something captivating, something that seduces you, forcing you to get lost for minutes at a time within a single image, wondering where time just went. Click here to understand what I mean.

Ken Kaminesky 

Ken’s photos are wow. He clearly values his time in post-production, but the effort pays off, giving Ken a vivacious portfolio. The colors, the contrasts…. he has put together a resume of powerful images that truly resonate.

 Kirsten Alana

A gifted photographer and (as evidenced by her impressive list of clients) people have taken notice. While her travel photography is impressive, you gotta admit that the woman has johnsome natural/inexplicable talent for taking world class shots of food

Ordinary Traveler

Established way back in 2009, Ordinary Traveler has a tremendous body of work – the highlight being their photography which goes hand in hand with the words ‘professional’ and ‘holy s**t’. Check out their camera recommendations to get an inside looks into their travel-photography gear.

Chase Guttman 

Guttman won Young Travel Photographer of the Year three times…. Guttman was also named a Top Travel Photographer by the New York Institute of Photography and a 3 Best Travel Photography Blogger by USA Today.  Check out his portfolio, and a new book he’s authoring about drone-photography.

Best Language Learning Blog

Fluent in Three Months

Fluent in Three Months

The authority Language Hacker – we’ve been following Benny for years, and it’s awesome to see how big his site has become. Benny’s language learning philosophy is simple. Just speak it, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Sounds too easy to be true, but his 200,000+ member community should be evidence that it works. If you are interested in learning a new language, start with the Language Hack page.

Best Storyteller Travel Blogs

Johnny Vagabond

*Staff Pick* RIP Wes. Wes Nations (aka Johnny Vagabond) was the best travel story teller on the web, and had one of the best travel blogs ever. He was a travel-blogging pioneer, but tragically passed away in late 2014. Some people inherently understand the tone and timing needed to deliver a great, captivating story – Wes was one of those people. He traveled the world for years  and was an enormous influence on us to start blogging. His oddball travel conversations are classic, and his real travel tips are legendary (especially #4).

The Travel Stories

The Travel Stories are much like you’d expect – a series of travel stories. But the cool thing is it’s a publication with a conglomerate of guest writers putting forth their craziest, most adventurous travel tales. And let me tell you, they don’t fail to impress. Read this epic story about two dudes canoeing through the Congo. Then read this epic-er story about two dudes motorbiking from Edinburgh to Cape Town. Unreal stuff.

The Everywhereist

Part travel blog, part love story, part memoir in the making, Geraldine Fisher’s The Everywhereist is an amazing read. Her writing is raw, unfiltered, utterly hilarious, but most importantly – uniquely her own. Non travel – her revenge on her husband for leaving the milk out. Travel – her time in Italy.

Time Travel Turtle 

An Australian broadcast journalist turned full time traveler, Michael runs Time Travel Turtle. While he’s recently been spending more time on his podcast, his travel stories are our favorites. In particular his two part series about the world’s oldest backpacker is gorgeous and very inspiring.

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren’s secret for success? Travel the world, write about it, while ensuring to constantly poke fun at herself. Nicely done! GORGEOUS design, and strong storytelling to match, Never Ending Footsteps is simply a great travel blog with even better stories (this one comes to mind).

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 Best Tech Travel Blogs

Too Many Adapters 

*Staff Pick* Too Many Adapters is our highest recommendation for a travel-tech blog. Dave Dean and Dustin Main have done well identifying the tech needs of travelers, and their site is a pandoras box of information. Their content is thorough and digestible.

Their blog posts are specific and informative, but their bread and butter is their picks for top travel gear. In particular, their takes on accessories, and smartphones.


Anil Polat is Fox Nomad, a travel blogging, computer security engineer who is great for travel-tech-tips. His travel blog posts are great, but we like to check in with his blog every now and then to see what tech equipment he personally uses for his travels.

Also, his check out his newly developed WiFox app – it’s killin’ it right now. Props Anil!

Best Travel Podcasts

Indie Travel Podcast

Aussies husband and wife Craig and Linda have been traveling and running Indie Travel Podcast for (brace yourself) 10 years. 10 years. Over the decade ITP has done well for itself, sporting a well-oiled blog, and over 300 podcast episodes! Charming and intelligent, if you’re looking to listen to some travel goodness, they’ve probably got you covered. 

Wandering Trader

If you follow the travel blogging scene, putting Marco’s Wandering Trader here seems strange. He’s been blogging about day trading and location independence for years and only just began podcasting. As to which, we retort with this – his podcast is that good. Marco is obviously smart, but he’s also the kind of guy you want to grab a beer with, and that combination makes his podcast a must-listen.

The Budget Minded Traveler

Founded by Jackie Nourse, the name says it all. Split between the podcast and the blog, there is an epic amount of content on this site. Budget guides, travel tips, working abroad – all with the intention of cutting down the cost of travel. Things seem to be going well for the site as The Budget Minded Traveler now has a team of contributors and their first tour – 8 days through Patagonia.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Run by Travis and wife Heather, Extra Pack of Peanuts is a very well reviewed podcast covering topics from Travel Hacking and destination guides all over the world. Their podcasts are enjoyable, yet informative, and they’ve had some pretty impressive guests (Chris Guillebeau comes to mind.)

Best Outdoor Adventure/Hiking Blogs

Travel Sauro 

Travel Sauro is home of the self proclaimed ‘best tips for hiking routes off the beaten track’ – and the site doesn’t disappoint. Well designed, easily navigable, and with great content to match, Travel Sauro is amazing. Creator Miguel has hiked around the world, evidenced by his guides to hiking in Patagonia, the Himalayan Mountains, and Papua New Guinea. 

The Hiking Life 

Cam Honan has been dubbed ‘the most travelled hiker on earth’, and it might just be true. Reigning from Australia, Cam’s site is a reflection of his international hiking experience, and has an epic amount of information for new and experienced hikers. Start with his 100 Classic hikes from around the world. It’s beyond impressive.

Best Family Travel Blogs

Travel with Bender

Erin (mom), Josh (dad), have been traveling the world with their young children Mia (daughter) and Caius (son) since 2012! Their blog is described as The Ultimate Guide for Family Travel… and we have a hard time refuting them. The articles are well written, and the site is easily navigable. Interested in family travel? This will answer all of your questions.

Y Travel Blog

Arguably one of the biggest names in travel bloggin, Y Travel is nothing short of an institution. Caz and Craig have turned their blog into one of the most recognizable brands in travel, and specialize in solo travel and digital nomadism. Now with two kids, much of their great content is family focused and are an authority on the topic of family travel. 

Walking on Mom

The sister-site to Walking on Travel, Walking on Mom is a more intimate family travel site. As opposed to destination guides and travel tips, WOM focuses on mental health, wellness and boasting a large community of support for families wanting to travel. 

Traveling Canucks

Another staple, Traveling Canucks has been blogging in 2008 and have been going very strong since. No longer nomadic, TC shows families how to travel while having a home base. Their posts are thorough and full of useful information, and we like their matter-of-fast tone.

Best Europe Travel Blogs

The Savvy Backpacker

This site is an authority on European travel, and has some of the best information for budget travel on the continent. The material is thorough, and research-driven, and there’s a crap ton of high quality content. Their accommodation and food and transportation guides are awesome, but their ever growing city price index is the feature of the site.

To Europe and Beyond

Marie-Eve Vallieres has done well putting together To Europe and Beyond. While it slightly caters to a more luxurious side, there is a lot of useful information, as Marie dives goes deep into the specifics of her European destinations. Having a particular affinity to Western Europe, it’s no surprise she’s got a lot of great content on France, Germany, and the UK.

Best Italy Travel Blog

The Roman Guy

Half travel blog, half tour company, The Roman Travel Guy is an authoritative site covering Italy, and more specifically, all things Rome-travel. As a local, he clearly knows his way around the country, as evidenced by his  Hidden Gems of Italy series.

Best Spain Travel Blog

Barcelona Blonde

England -> California -> Barcelona. Jessica’s Barcelona Blonde is full of awesome information regarding travel in Barcelona and Spain as a whole. Her writing is clean and personable, like speaking with a friend. Her Best of Barcelona is a great place to start.

Best Turkey Travel Blog

Turkey Travel Blog

The best Turkey travel blog is Turkey Travel Blog. Crazy right? It’s more than the name. Natalie has put together a very thorough resource for those interested in traveling to the land of Anatolia. But as extensive as the site it, we love her tone! No BS, just Turkey travel goodness, written in a very down to earth tone.


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Best Asia Travel Blogs


Travelfish was launched in 2004 (let that settle for a second) and is still a dominant source of all things budget-Southeast-Asia-travel. They have maintained the integrity of their brand, while having top-notch destination guides. We don’t usually do this, but since the line is so good, we’ll have them take it from here… “if you’re an independent traveller planning a holiday in Southeast Asia, Travelfish.org is quite simply the most comprehensive resource available online.” Touche.

Southeast Asia Backpacker

Another staple, Southeast Asia Backpacker has been around for a while. Both a blog and an actual printed publication, SAB has done well for themselves, now expanding into South America and Europe. Community-driven, SAB has a lifetime’s worth of content on all things Southeast Asia budget travel. Hover your mouse over their varying destinations to see what tickles your fancy (Cambodia and Vietnam are juicy).

Best Philippines Travel Blog

The Poor Traveler

Yoshke and Vins have done well putting together The Poor Traveler. Their content is detailed, specific and seems well researched. While their destination guides span the globe, the amount of content they have about the Philippines is borderline intimidating. If you’re traveling to the land of 7,500 islands and need advice – look no further.

Best Thailand Travel Blog

Tieland to Thailand

First off – great website name. Second – if you are looking for information regarding Thai-travel, you’ll find plenty of useful information on TTT. Gorgeously designed and refreshingly easy to navigate, Tieland to Thailand is an authority on Thai-travel. Start here.

Best India Travel Blogs

Global Gallivanting

If you are interested in traveling to India, start here. After leaving the UK to travel the world, Anna spent a considerable amount of time in India, and a considerable amount of time writing about how to travel to India. Her writing is clean, but also very personal and enthusiastic. Her guide for planning a trip to India is a recommended place to begin.

The Shooting Star

Location Independent Sivyah travels and writes about her adventures around the world, but we find her content on her home country to be the best. Her writing is clear, easy to digest, and filled with applicable travel advice. She’s written an incredible amount of posts about India, like her great Alternative Travel Guide to Goa. 

Best New Zealand Travel Blogs

Backpacking Matt

Specializing in adventure travel (appropriate for New Zealand) Matt has put together an authoritative site for all things New Zealand. 15 Tips for First Time Backpacking NZ  is great, as is NZ’s Top Five Backpacking Destinations. 

A Backpacker’s Tale

While a Backpacker’s Tale could fit into many travel-blogging categories, his recent move to New Zealand and newly minted tours in the country lead us to believe this will be the best fitting category (for now). Also, his tips for backpacking New Zealand are well put together.

Best Australia Travel Blogs

 Travel Outback Australia

Super niche, this blog is all about one thing – traveling the Australian outback like a local! And talk about thorough, Gary (national park ranger) and Amanda (anthropologist/writer)  live, travel, and breathe the Outback. Well written content with a humorous touch of personality, if you are dreaming about traveling to this part of Australia, we doubt you’ll find a better resource.

Rocky Travel

Italian born Michela fell in love with Australia in 2004, and since has created an impressive resource for aspiring Australia-travelers. While it seems she’s saved her best tips for her ebook, her site still has a lot of free information. If you’re looking to travel to the land down under, her advice on road trips, top Australia destinations, solo travel, and housesitting are all good places to start.

Best Americas Travel Blogs

Best USA Travel Blog

Quirky Travel Guy

Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, creator Scott has quirky taste, but he’s also an avid traveler who has written hundreds of posts about traveling in North America. Every month he features a new location, most of which in the US, allowing him to go deep and really explore the area.

Best Canada Travel Blog

I Backpack Canada

The name kindof says it all. Corbin Fraser backpacks Canada, and has put together a very impressive site for anyone looking into budget Canadian travel. His FAQ should answer your Canada questions and get you on the right track.

Best Peru Travel Blog

How to Peru

A very, very thorough resource – How to Peru will show you exactly how to…. Peru. Well written and updated often, HTP features the usual in-country destination guides, but creator Tony Dunnell also writes about culture, art, geography and history. A phenomenal website and resource for Peruvian travel.

Best Mexico Travel Blog

Good Food Mexico

If you’re traveling to Mexico, there’s probably a 70% chance you’ll pass through Mexico City. If so, Good Food Mexico has got you covered. Predominantly food focused (the street food section is killer) Nicholas Gilman’s GFM also has information about where to drink and shop. But seriously, that street food…

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