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The 11 Coolest Hostels in Split

Posted by Alex Hatton
Giovanna Guesthouse
Split is one of those Croatian destinations that’s got some awesome history mixed up with the bustling modern-day. A fascinating place to discover with Roman ruins and Game of Thrones filming locations, it’s equal parts vibrant and stunning. To get the best out of Split and its marvels, the best thing for i...
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The 21 Coolest Hostels in Dubrovnik

Posted by Aaron Radcliffe
My Way Hostel Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik: a historical wonderland with a UNESCO-approved Old Town and tons of bars and restaurants to hit up in a bustling, coastal Mediterranean location. That and its Game of Thrones credentials should have most sold! There’s tons of stuff to see and do in the city, but it’s best done with budget ac...