7 Best Everyday Carry Backpacks (2023 Insider Guide)

7 Best Everyday Carry Backpacks (Updated 2023)

Are you looking for the ultimate everyday carry backpack? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article we have cherry-picked 7 of our favorites every day carry backpacks – all of which we own and have personally reviewed. Be sure to watch our full video review below!

We have broken the best everyday carry backpacks down into specific categories so you can find out which is the best backpack for you.

Whether you’re a creative looking for a unique and accessible day-to-day backpack, a student heading back to college, or just looking for the most well-rounded everyday carry backpack, this article will help you find the perfect one for you.

Table of Contents

Most well-rounded everyday carry backpack

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size- 20 liters
  • Key Feature – High-quality Tarpaulin exterior which has a sleek look and is scratch resistant

Why people love this backpack…

This is truly one of the best all-rounder backpacks. Do you live in the city and take urban photography? Spend a lot of time hanging out near the beach? Head to business meetings on the regular? 

The WANDRD Duo Daypack is so well designed for all types of everyday use!

The WANDRD Duo is our pick for most well-rounded everyday carry backpack​

The bag has a smart and sleek look along with easily accessible laptop features and is also super waterproof. 

It also has the perfect sweet spot size for an all-rounder backpack at 20L. Not too big that it feels like a hassle to carry around with you but also spacious enough to fit everything you need in the bag.

The exterior of the bag is also made with a high-quality Tarpaulin which is very scratch resistant, it has waterproof YKK zippers and a cool tote handle that is super comfortable.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and durable external materials
  • Amazing internal organization including an epic inside panel perfect for holding camera gear
  • A handy front pocket which is easily accessible perfect for keeping items you need quick access to


  • Not the most comfortable backpack - the back panel is slightly too firm
  • Absorbs heat a bit too much with its black and waterproof exterior materials
Great for photography, business, adventuring and more - its a pack that truly does it all

Is the WANDRD Duo for you?

If you want a durable, aesthetically pleasing, nothing too fancy backpack that is perfect for all types of everyday use then you need to check out this bag. 

It is the perfect all-rounder and we’d recommend it as our top choice for those who aren’t sure what everyday backpack to get.

Best everyday carry backpack for tech gear and Digital Nomads

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size- 20 liters (Can expand to 24 liters)
  • Key Feature – Cool bag with great organizational features particularly for tech equipment

Why people love this backpack…

People love the organizational features of the Nomatic Backpack with its variety of different packing features and compartments which have flexible uses.

This is perfect for those digital nomads who are continuously on the go with it having specific areas designed for different pieces of tech! Whether you have a large laptop, small tablet, or a variety of camera accessories you’re bound to find a compartment that fits them perfectly.


Dear UK & European Customers, due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to Gomatic in Europe and the UK. You can buy the Gomatic Backpack with the link below.

The Nomatic Backpack is our pick for best EDC pack for tech gear and Digital Nomads

The Nomatic Backpack is also covered in waterproof materials, which, despite gaining a few scratches here and there is most certainly a good thing when buying a bag as a digital nomad. 

If you’re carrying around precious tech you’ll definitely want your expensive gear protected from the rain!

Nomatic Backpack Pros

  • The bag has next-level organization with multiple different packing features
  • A sleek business look which is perfect if you're heading to important meetings
  • It has excellent areas designed for tech, with different compartments for laptops, Bluetooth keyboards, tablets, and more!

Nomatic Backpack Cons

  • Can be adapted into briefcase mode but this function isn't user-friendly and doesn't look the most aesthetically pleasing
  • The bag is prone to scratches and they are very prominent and have a permanent look
Sleek and functional, this is a great pack for anyone who loves organization and versatility

Is the Nomatic Backpack for you?

If you don’t mind the outside picking up a few scratches here and there and want the insides of your bag to be fully protected from water damage then the Nomatic Backpack is an awesome option.

If you struggle to keep your equipment organized as a digital nomad then the features of this backpack may also help you out a little.

Best everyday carry backpack for gym and work

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  • Cost- $$
  • Size- 25 liters
  • Key Feature – Separate compartments for both laptop and technical equipment and gym gear

Why people love this backpack- 

This is the perfect backpack for those who work hard but also work OUT hard too with the bag having incredible features for both the gym and the office. 

Inside the Aer Duffel Pack 3, you will find separate packing compartments for different types of tech, including your laptop, along with a duffel compartment where you can throw in your gym goods! 

Aer Duffel Pack 3 is our pick for the best gym and office everyday carry backpack

To top it off, the bag even comes with a ventilated shoe compartment for when you need to switch those posh office shoes for something a little comfier for your workout.

The backpack is also made from premium materials including a YKK weatherproof zipper, and cordura ballistic nylon which makes the bag extremely durable. 

Aer Duffel Pack 3 Pros

  • The bag is made from some of the best premium materials which not only make it durable but also comfortable
  • The bag is SUPER comfortable with extra padding and a great shape!
  • It has a dope-tech compartment perfect for keeping all your electrical goods

Aer Duffel Pack 3 Cons

  • Not actually a duffel! There is no place to hide or store the straps when converting from a backpack to a duffel bag.
  • The laptop zipper compartment is strangely not waterproof
A great gym + office bag needs a well-ventilated shoe compartment

Is the Aer Duffel Pack 3 for you?

If you like to spend your time in between the office and the gym but don’t have time to go home and switch bags then the Aer Duffel Pack 3 may be the perfect bag for you with separate compartments so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Best everyday carry backpack for photographers

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size- 20 & 30 Liters
  • Key Feature – It has flex fold divers which are the perfect tool for organizing all of your camera equipment which is particularly important for photographers.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is legendary in the photographer and videographer industry! The bag is incredibly feature-heavy and has a futuristic and modern design.

Peak Design Every Day Backpack’s best features include magnets on its shoulder straps which keep the bag nice and tidy along with its flex fold dividers which can be used to organize all of your DSLR gear.

The Peak Design Everyday Carry Backpack is out pick for best bag for photorgraphers

The bag has a swivel system at the top which is perfect for those photographers who are on the go and need to whip out their camera equipment quickly.

The bag also has lockable zippers which add another layer to protecting that expensive camera gear! 

Peak Design Everyday
Carry Backpack Pros

  • Mag-latch buckle system is very handy and also looks very sleek and cool
  • High-quality hardware including the zippers and straps
  • Incredible interior materials which are silky and smooth

Peak Design Everyday
Carry Backpack Cons

  • Tech tight compartments are somewhat a little too tight, which can make some of the pockets hard to use
  • An afterthought of the key leash - not very well designed.
Calling all photographers! Peak Design makes some of the best bags for your DSLR gear

Is the Peak Design Everyday Backpack for you?

If you’re a photographer and videographer with lots of camera equipment that you will be needing on the go then you may want to check out this epic bag from Peak Design. 

It has plenty of awesome features and is very user friendly especially when you need quick access to your equipment 

Best everyday carry backpack for creatives

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size- 25 liters that can expand to 30 liters
  • Key Feature – It’s field space which turns into a portable office.

People love the different angles the Boundary Supply Primate System has taken with its design which makes it completely unique from its competitors and above all it looks pretty cool.

The Boundary Supply Prima System is our pick for best backpack for creatives

The backpack is also loaded with features including its awesome buckles on the top which is arguably one of the smoothest opening and closing features you can find in a backpack.

Another cool feature of this backpack for creatives is its field space which is basically a portable office great for notebooks, sketch pads, pens, pencils, etc along with an added camera pouch.

Boundary Supply
Prima System Pros

  • It has a modular eco-system with a lot of their external add-ons working in unison together which makes it super user friendly
  • The bag has an epic, badass look
  • The Boundary Supply Prima System has an endless amount of incredible features perfectly designed for creatives.

Boundary Supply
Prima System Cons

  • The shoulder straps are pretty uncomfortable especially when taking the bag on and off.
  • The bag has compromised access and can sometimes seem like a big effort to reach stuff easily in the bag.
A really unique look and TONS of hidden features

Is the Boundary Supply Prima System for you?

If you’re a creative looking for an extremely cool bag that is not only visually appealing but also has epic and unique features then you should definitely check out the Boundary Supply Prima System.

Best minimalist everyday carry backpack

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  • Cost- $$
  • Size- 20 liters
  • Key Feature – Minimalistic with an easy to use design and layout

People love the traditional school academic look to this backpack with it having a sleek and modern look without it trying too hard to stand out but still looking smart. 

The Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus is our pick for best minimalist everyday carry backpack

The bag is equipped with some very good materials with it having a weatherproof polyester material, YKK zips and some very nice interior materials which feel very premium. 

It is the perfect size for college students with it being spacious enough to fit all your books and laptop with room to spare. 

Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus Pros

  • It has a minimalistic design and doesn't overcomplicate things but still has everything you need for an everyday college backpack
  • The classic retro design gives it a very smart look
  • The bag has a front access pocket which is perfect for items that you need to be easily accessible.

Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus Cons

  • Not the most comfortable bag, lacks good quality back padding.
  • The outer flap can sometimes get caught in the corners which can just be a little irritating.
Simple, minimalist, and unassuming (while still being built to last)

Is the Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus for you?

If you’re looking for something which isn’t too fancy and just has the basic necessities you need in a bag for everyday life then you should definitely check out the Bellroy Classic Plus Backpack. 

Its minimalistic, smart, and user-friendly layout is perfect for college students.

Best everyday carry backpack for urban folks

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  • Cost- $$
  • Size- 18 liters (expands to 22 liters)
  • Key Feature – Quick access while wearing the pack (perfect for city-dwellers)

You’ll be blown away by the build and features this backpack has. The bag has a box-style look with a sleek urban design but isn’t designed specifically for one audience. 

The Modern Dayfarer Backpack is our pick for best urban everyday carry pack

It has a ventilated area at the bottom perfect for storing gym shoes, it has some areas for tech gear and an easily accessible side compartment which means it suits a wide variety of people. 

These are only some of its cool features and it is one of the best bags if you want a basic and user-friendly feel but also has plenty of valuable add-ons. 

Modern Dayfarer Backpack Pros

  • Really great functionality - lots of hidden but cool features
  • The sleek box-like look makes the bag a little unique
  • The Fidlock magnet not only makes the bag easier to use but it's also just quite FUN!

Modern Dayfarer Backpack Cons

  • The backpack has a "strange comfort" to it, one of the back panels isn't very common and can take a while to get used to.
  • Closing the bag can sometimes be a bit difficult meaning you have to take care when folding and closing the bag.
If you prefer a darker/urban vibe, the Dayfarer has got you covered

Is the Modern Dayfarer Backpack for you?

If you’re looking for a professional and slightly unique-looking bag with lots of cool and hidden features then you should definitely check out this newly designed Modern Dayfarer Backpack!

Final thoughts

Well there you have it, that is our cherry-picked selection of the best everyday carry backpacks for all types of workers and travelers. 

It was hard to narrow it down to just 7 because there are so many epic options available but that has meant we have only picked the very best. If you do end up buying any of our favorite backpacks please do let us know in the comments below!

And remember, if you are still having a hard time picking – go with our #1 choice – the Wandrd Duo Daypack it is the perfect all-rounder backpack.

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