7 Best Travel Backpacks (2023 Insider Guide)

As travelers ourselves we know how important it is to have the right equipment when you’re on the go. 

Which is exactly why we created this list of the 7 best travel backpacks!

Be sure to watch our full YouTube review below for a more detailed look at each pack. 

Whether you’re looking for something durable but budget-friendly, want to look the part with a sleek and fancy bag or are a keen adventurer who needs it to sustain some more extreme conditions this list will have you covered.

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Best Feature-Heavy Travel Backpack

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size- Can expand from 35 liters to 45 liters
  • Key Feature –The compression tactic which means the bag can expand and compress depending on your travel needs.

Why people love this backpack…

The first travel backpack on our list is one that has mind blowing features and is perfect for those travellers who want a feature heavy backpack. Typically catered to photographers but this backpack is perfect for loads of travellers who like those special added touches.

The backpack has an epic swivel system which can smoothly hide the straps, a flexible mesh divider along with hidden pockets and magnets.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is our pick for best feature-heavy travel pack

The bag also comes with an awesome compression tactic which can expand the bag to a 45L or compress it to just 35L making it super convenient when you’re on the go especially when you have to fit those bags as a plane carry on! The backpack also has super durable and waterproof materials meaning you can ease your mind if you’re traveling to tough terrains.

Peak Design Travel Pack Pros

  • The bag has epic and next level features you won't find in many other bags on the market
  • The backpack panel magnet is a master piece which makes it super flexible and comfortable
  • Hidden external straps which can come in handy when you need to attach some extra add ons to your bag

Peak Design Travel Pack Cons

  • The side handles are a little uncomfortable to hold and can be a tad annoying when carrying it off your bag
  • Not the most comfortable of backpacks compared to others on the market
So many features without compromising aesthetics!

Is Peak Design Travel Backpack For You?

If you’re a traveler whose looking to splash out on a good quality backpack with next level features then this epic peak design travel backpack is a great option for you.

It may not be the cheapest but if you’re ready to invest in something durable and feature heavy then you certainly won’t regret it.

Best Travel Backpack for Tech Gear

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  • Cost- $$$$
  • Size-35L- 45L
  • Key Feature –The softest laptop compartment we have ever seen, along with a simple organization system

Why people love this travel backpack…

People love the unique design of the Tortuga Outbreaker with it being shaped like a turtle back which is surprisingly a great shape to protect all your tech gear.

The bag also has loads of extra features which will protect what’s inside including YKK waterproof zippers, and waterproof ripstop nylon which is the same material that is used in sail cloth and is known for being incredibly durable. 

Disclaimer: Tortuga Setout has been discontinued. Please check the Tortuga Travel Pack instead! They’re pretty similar but the new one is way better in terms of aesthetic and functionality!

The Tortuga Outbreaker is our pick for best travel pack for tech gear

Inside the bag, you will also find incredible organizational features with so many different pockets perfectly designed for different pieces of tech.

This includes a laptop compartment that is lined with a super soft material that feels pretty fancy.

Tortuga Outbreaker Pros

  • The padding on the back of the bag is super thick which provides next-level comfort
  • The backpack is easy to use and is great for those who like the simplicity
  • Adjustable strap heights meaning you can alter the backpack to fit your body perfectly

Tortuga Outbreaker Cons

  • Sharp Zipper polls which can be a tad painful if you touch them in the wrong way
  • e Tortuga Outbreaker is not the best-looking backpack 
The Tortuga Outbreaker is a true road warrior

Is the Tortuga Outbreaker for you?

If you’re not too worried about the style and if something super comfortable and durable is more of your thing then the Tortuga Outbreaker is the ultimate bag for you. 

Disclaimer: Tortuga Setout has been discontinued. Please check the Tortuga Travel Pack instead! They’re pretty similar but the new one is way better in terms of aesthetic and functionality!

Best Minimalist Travel Backpack

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  • Cost- $$
  • Size- 25 liters
  • Key Feature – Affordable and super minimalist – only 5 pockets!

Why people love this travel backpack

This backpack has a simplistic and sleek look throughout with both its interior and exterior compartments being minimalistic yet cool.

There’s really not a lot going on with this backpack which makes it super easy to use and a smooth overall experience.

The backpack only has 5 compartments including a spacious large main compartment and a few outer pockets for quick and easy access. 

The Arcido Akra is our pick for best minimalist travel pack

There really isn’t much to say about the features of this bag because it’s minimalistic but of course, that’s one of its main draws! 

Arcido Akra Pros

  • The backpack is super comfortable and has soft and smooth back padding
  • The magnetic hardware on the bag is durable and high quality which creates a smooth movement when tightening and loosening the straps
  • The overall appearance is very clean and aesthetically pleasing 

Arcido Akra Cons

  • The tech compartment didn't work well inside the bag and there wasn't much use for it 
  • Interior materials are of lower quality and less durable than some others on the market.
The Arcido Akra is a minimalist experience with no unecessary features

Is Arcido Akra Backpack for you?

Does a bag that is budget-friendly, minimalistic, and easy to use sound appealing to you?

Then this is the bag for you- sweet and simple! 

Get the Nomatic Tech Sling 6L

Best Business Travel Backpack

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size- 40 Liters
  • Key Feature –The ability to change from a backpack to a duffel bag 

Why people love this travel backpack…

The primary reason people will love this backpack if they’re traveling for business is the look!

The bag has a sleek and businessy exterior which is basic but very aesthetic.

The backpack is also very feature-heavy which is great for those business travelers with one of the best being the ability to change from a backpack to a duffel bag very smoothly.

Due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to ‘Gomatic’ in Europe and the UK. Although the brand name is technically different, both versions sell the exact same high-quality gear 🙂

The Nomatic Travel Pack looks super professional

You’ll find plenty of pockets and compartments around the bag which is perfect for organization.

Firstly, this includes a shoe compartment if you need a quick change between comfortable and business shoes before and after meetings.

Secondly, its tech compartment that has loads of little pockets to store stuff along with a padded and super protective laptop area.

Nomatic Travel Bag Pros

  • So many awesome features both on the exterior and inside the bag
  • The backpack is excellently designed with durable and water repellant materials
  • It is equipped with a nice and simplistic main compartment 

Nomatic Travel Bag Cons

  • The exterior material is not scratch resistant which means the aesthetic can be ruined pretty quickly
  • There is no back padding which means comfort is compromised
A backpack or a duffel - the choice is yours!

Is the Nomatic Travel Bag for you?

Looking to impress people in meetings with a sleek and stylish bag but also need it to come with plenty of features to store your stuff?

 Then this might be the bag for you! 

Best Budget Travel Backpack

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  • Cost- $$
  • Size- 38 liter / 40 liter
  • Key Feature – Backpack to duffle transformation feature

Why people love this travel backpack…

Want a decent bag but are on a pretty tight budget? Backpack brand Osprey has come to the rescue.

Well known for their great design but competitive prices this famous brands have created a great bag with the Farpoint 40. 

The Opsrey Farpoint 40 is our pick for best budget travel bag

The bag has a classic backpacker aesthetic which has had a slight revamp to make it a little more modern.

The backpack has two main compartments including one for its tech and is equipped with a duffel strap which makes it super easy to alter styles if you’re fancying a change.

This can come in super handy when you’ve spent ages trekking from location to location which can become a pretty common occurrence amongst budget backpackers. 

Osprey Farpoint 40 Pros

  • The lower price point which is perfect for those savvy backpackers
  • Smooth backpack to duffle transformation
  • The bag is super durable with resistant materials and great stitch work

Osprey Farpoint 40 Cons

  • The location of the tech compartment is not the smartest 
  • The dangle elements on the bag are brutal and not aesthetically appealing in the slightest

Is the Osprey Farpoint 40 for you?

Are you a savvy backpacker but don’t want to compromise on quality? 

Then the Osprey Farpoint has created the ultimate simple yet high-quality bag perfect for you! 

Best One Bag Travel Backpack

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  • Cost- $$$
  • Size-35L or 40L (35L for one bag travel)
  • Key Feature –Spacious and circular compartment which is perfect for packing cubes 

Why people love this travel backpack…

In case you don’t know what one bag travel bag means it means traveling with all your stuff in just one bag.

Pretty self-explanatory once you know but it can confuse some people.

One of the main perks of these bags and the Aer Capsule Pack Max specifically is that it is perfectly designed to fit all your stuff while still being able to fit in the overhead lockers.

This means you can save yourself some cash as you don’t have to check the bag in which we know airlines love to charge a fortune for! 

The Aer Capsule Pack is our pick for best pack for one bag travel

It’s called the capsule pack because of its large and spacious circular type compartment which is a beautiful open space that is ideal for packing cubes.

The bag is also adaptable from a backpack to a duffel bag which is an extremely comfortable option. 

Aer Capsule Max Pros

  • It has the smoothest and arguably the best backpack to duffel transition
  • The backpack is super comfortable it has cushiony shoulder straps, back padding and great ventilation
  • It has a sleek, sexy, and modern look 

Aer Capsule Max Cons

  • The top pocket is a bit too flappy and not firm enough
  • When the bag is in duffel mode the water bottle holder is upside down and will fall out.
We love the clean design and the look of the unique circular main compartment

Is the Aer Capsule Pack Max for you?

Want to save some cash when flying and don’t want to check in a bag?

Then the Aer Capsule Pack Max is a great option as it has created the ultimate spacious bag that is just 35L and can fit in the overhead lockers. 

Best Travel Backpack For Hikers /Adventurers/ Photographers

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  • Cost- $$$$
  • Size- 50 liters
  • Key Feature –The awesome side camera access compartment 

Why people love this travel backpack…

The final backpack on our list is one from the awesome brand of Wandrd and is one of its newest products which has a unique design that mixes adventure with a modern spaceship theme.

The bag is amazing for photographers and videographers and has specific features that are perfect for that target audience but it is also an immense backpack for everyday travelers. 

The WANDRD Fernweh is our pick for the best adventure travel backpack

The bag is great for being on the go especially for active travelers with super comfortable back padding and state-of-the-art ventilation so you don’t have to worry about getting too sweaty.

The bag also has great functionality including an area to keep a straw to keep you hydrated, a quick access camera pocket, and ski holders which is perfect for adventure lovers. 

WANDRD Fernweh Pros

  • The bag is super comfortable with great ventilation and padding
  • One of the most water-resistant bags on the market
  • It has epic side camera access 

WANDRD Fernweh Cons

  • It's pretty expensive and by far the most expensive on this list
  • The bag is a little over complex which can affect user experience unless you've down your background on the backpack
Doing a mix of regular and adventure travel? The Fernweh is a great pick!

Is the Wandrd Fernweh Backpack for you?

If you’re looking to fork out on an epic bag that is both great for adventuring and storing your photography gear then you must check out the Wandrd Fernweh.

It’s also pretty stylish too if you’re looking to impress fellow travelers. 

Final thoughts

So there you have it! That was our ultimate list of the best travel backpacks on the market.

As you can tell there is an incredible selection all of which are tailored to different traveler’s wants and needs whether you’re a stylish traveler looking for something a little more luxurious, a savvy backpackers looking for a cheap but good quality bag or a digital nomad looking to keep your tech safe when on the go.

If you do end up choosing any of the bags above as your new travel backpack do let us know we would love to hear what you guys think!

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