I want to open a Nomads Nation retail location

Hey there!

The title says it all – I eventually want to open a Nomads Nation retail location.

The idea first came to mind when I visited Suburban and FeverGuy in Hong Kong. These are retail locations that sell travel and EDC gear – they get great foot traffic, and also sell products online. They both seem to be doing very well for themselves.

I envision the retail location to be the perfect studio to shoot Nomads Nation reviews (from 8:30am – 11:30am) and a one-of-a-kind retail location for locals and tourist to purchase the world’s most premium travel/EDC gear (from 11:30 – 6pm).

And because of the brand awareness that Nomads Nation has, and the affiliate sales that we already generate, it would be a lot less risky than opening a retail location from complete scratch.

Location is still up for debate. New York would make the most sense. Hong Kong is in play. Singapore, LA, London, etc.

If you have any experience in retail, are interested in partnering-up, or just have some good perspective/advice to throw my way – I’m all ears! Email me aaron@nomadsnation.com

Written by Aaron Radcliffe

City dweller. Dumpling crusher. Aaron is a serial entrepreneur, and the founder of Nomads Nation. Connect with Aaron Radcliffe -