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10 BEST Places to Live in Mexico (Updated 2023)

Posted by Aaron Radcliffe
If there was a list of ‘hot’ countries where expats, and Digital Nomads are relocating to – Mexico would likely be at the top of that list! But as the 14th largest country in the world Mexico is HUGE, and each city has its unique charm and vibe. Deciding where to set up camp can […]
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House Sitting 101

Posted by Screw The Average
The best way to save money on accommodation is House Sitting. No. Contest. Learn the ropes here.
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Hong Kong vs Shanghai – An Expat’s Take

Posted by Sean Doherty
Hong Kong and Shanghai. Two of the most well-known metropolises of Asia, and the world. Just as with any mega city, there are some attributes that these two share with every other (population density comes to mind). But it doesn’t take much exploring of either to discover characteristics that make one uniquely th...