13 BEST Backpacks for Digital Nomads [Updated 2023]

If you are looking for the best backpacks for Digital Nomads – look no further!

Written by Digital Nomads FOR Digital Nomads, these are the best backpacks for anyone who lives and works out of their backpack.

This review covers backpacks 40L and over – if you are looking for something smaller, check out our insider guide to the best daypacks and laptop bags for Digital Nomads!

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Our Top pick for Digital Nomads!

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  • Cost – $$$$
  • Size – 40L
  • Key Feature -Organization is definitely the best thing about this bag. There are pockets for all occasions.

Why digital nomads love this backpack…

Pockets! There are a TON of pockets on the Nomatic Travel Bag, to keep your laptop, tablet, and other important Digital Nomad gear safe. That means traveling with all your electronics neatly organized is a beautiful reality. Just add pockets!

Due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to ‘Gomatic’ in Europe and the UK. Although the brand name is technically different, both versions sell the exact same high-quality gear 🙂

The Nomatic Travel bag is our Top pick for Digital Nomads!​

It’s also comfortable to carry around, with hip straps so your shoulders don’t die when you’re traipsing around a city looking for a cafe with wi-fi. 

The bag is also made of waterproof material, which is DEFINITELY a good thing when your electronics and all your other worldly goods are on your back in the rain.

PS – if you are looking for something slightly smaller, have a read of our Nomatic Travel Pack review.

Nomatic Travel Bag Pros

  • Amazingly organized compartmentalization going on here - room for all your stuff
  • The amount of room in this HUGE bag means the mythical one-bag-travel isn’t so far away
  • It’s comfortable - you can really fill it up, but it’s still ok to carry

Nomatic Travel Bag Cons

  • It’s flat against your back, and we know what that means - sweaty back!
  • The Nomatic Travel Bag isn’t the most attractive. It’s also covered in logos.
  • Overcomplicated - too MANY pockets. What if you just don’t need that many?

Is the Nomatic Travel Bag for You?

If you really love organizing your stuff and want a pocket for pretty much everything, this is the bag for you. There are shoe pockets, water bottle pockets, and a load of nooks and crannies to tuck away all your goods.

Our top pick for One-bag travels!

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  • Cost – $$$
  • Size – 33L
  • Key Feature – Exterior feels amazing, looks amazing and perfect for one-bag trips

Why one bag travelers love this backpack…

Short term travelers will fall in line to get this pack. Although on the pricey side, this pack would never disappoint as it has a lot of premium features like its YKK zippers and Cordura ballistic nylon. And of course, who wouldn’t love that Aer Standard?

Aer Travel Pack 3 is our top pick for one-bag travels!​

This travel pack also has a shoe compartment. And if you don’t need one, you can always use if for other things like like your laundry, towels, etc. It also gives off a really, really, REALLY comfortable user experience.

Check out our full Aer Travel Pack 3!

Aer Travel Pack 3 Pros

  • You are looking for a one-bag travel pack (33 liters is a perfect size for this)
  • You are looking for a bag for the weekend or weeklong trips
  • You love the Aer's urban aesthetic

Aer Travel Pack 3 Cons

  • The interior materials of the front panel feels cheap
  • Underwhelming laptop compartment
  • The side and top handles could get uncomfortable

Is the Aer Travel Pack 3 for You?

Want a sleek looking pack that’s perfect for your weekend getaway? You should consider getting this backpack for its great functionality and comfortability.

Our top pick for tech fans!

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  • Cost – $$$$​
  • Size – 35L or 45L​
  • Key Feature – Beautifully soft laptop sleeve so your baby won’t get hurt during your travels​

Why many love this backpack…

Techies are definitely going to love this one thanks to how well engineered it is. From the super rugged sailcloth the bag is made of and the water-resistant zippers to the sleek separate laptop and tablet sleeve; it’s built to last.

Disclaimer: Tortuga Outbreaker has been discontinued. Please check the Tortuga Travel Pack instead! They’re pretty similar but the new one is way better in terms of aesthetic and functionality!

The Tortuga Outbreaker is our top pick for tech fans!​

There’s even a separate compartment for your chargers, phones, and whatever other snazzy technology you own and fancy carrying around the world with you. And it all comes with a lot of padding and protection so nothing gets damaged on the way.

Check out our full Tortuga Outbreaker Review.

Tortuga Outbreaker Pros

  • VERY comfortable - hip and lumbar support as well as a mesh back, so no getting sweaty
  • Additional packing cubes that can be bought separately mean even more organization
  • Make the most of its carry-on capabilities and zip the straps away for tidiness

Tortuga Outbreaker Cons

  • A little bulky and heavier than other bags of its size
  • You can only fit about a week’s worth of clothes into it
  • If you’re thinking of going anywhere other than a city, this won’t really be suitable

Is the Tortuga Outbreaker Bag for You?

Want to make sure your tech stuff is protected on the road? This bag is for you. If you also love urban travel more than the sticks, this is definitely more up your street.

Disclaimer: Tortuga Outbreaker has been discontinued. Please check the Tortuga Travel Pack instead! They’re pretty similar but the new one is way better in terms of aesthetic and functionality!

Most feature-heavy pack!

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  • Cost – $$
  • Size – 30L and 45L
  • Key Feature – Has theft-deterrent zipper pulls, expandable side pockets, stowable sternum straps, and 360-degree handles​

Why this is the most feature-heavy pack…

This is a really functional backpack as it has a ton of features and organization. If you carry lots of gear on your trips, this might be a perfect fit for you. 

What we love the most about this pack are its side compartment and its back panel? A masterpiece we must admit!

Watch our full Peak Design Travel Backpack Review.

The Peak Design is our one of the most feature-heavy pack we ever reviewed.

Peak Design Travel Backpack Pros

  • Well-designed pack
  • Made of amazing and durable materials
  • The backpanel is a masterpiece. Has stowable straps, swivel system straps, and more

Peak Design Travel Backpack Cons

  • Expensive
  • Can be over-engineered for some as it has lots of features
  • Uncomfortable side handle

Is the Peak Design Travel Backpack for You?

The Peak Design Travel Pack is a great option for photographers who want to bring their camera, laptop and other essentials on their travels. But if you’re not one, you’ll always get a great value out of this awesome pack!

Best minimal style backpack!

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  • Cost – $$$
  • Size – 31L
  • Key Feature –  Cool rolltop bag with sleek design features and functionality to match

Why this is the best minimal style backpack…

This is a cool looking backpack that’s not going to appear out of place in an everyday city situation; however, it’s still pretty functional and full of features. The rolltop actually expands so you can fit a lot inside this stylish looking pack.

The Wandrd Prvke Rolltop Backpack is all about aesthetics. This one definitely looks the part, with a classy two-shade color scheme. It’s available in black, green, and blue – all muted tones for you fashionistas out there. It’s even good as a daypack.

Read our full WANDRD PRVKE Review.

The Wandrd Prvke is the best minimal style backpack.

Wandrd Prvke Rolltop Backpack Pros

  • The back completely zips open, meaning you don’t have to keep digging through the top
  • It’s got a surprising amount of pockets
  • Very tough - it’s built out of water-resistant tarpaulin and ballistic nylon

Wandrd Prvke Rolltop Backpack Cons

  • There is a handy camera cube available - but this comes at an additional cost
  • The whole rolltop thing can get annoying pretty quickly
  • This bag would definitely look weird anywhere other than a city

Is the Wandrd Prvke Rolltop Backpack for You?

If looking good is a priority when you travel, you should really be thinking about getting this bag. Like city trips? Heading to Tokyo or Seoul and don’t want to look like you’re on an urban safari? Yeah, this one is definitely for you.

Our top pick for a carry on bag!

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  • Cost – $$$$​
  • Size – 35L​
  • Key Feature – This is the correct carry-on size for practically every airline out there​

Why this is a great carry-on backpack – This bag has been designed with traveling light in mind. When it comes to the Minaal 2.0, it’s all about hopping off and on planes with ease. It even opens up like a suitcase with a zip around three sides, meaning it’s easy to pack as well.

Packing compartments inside keep things tidy as well (especially when packing as a Digital Nomad). You’ll also find a shockproof laptop compartment in there, so you can travel with your digital equipment safely. Not only that, but you can tuck away the straps and turn this backpack into a briefcase-type bag. Nice.

Check out our full Minaal Carry On 3.0 Review.

Minaal Carry On 3.0 bag
The Minaal Carry On 3.0 is our top pick for a carry on bag.

Minaal Carry On 3.0 Pros

  • Incredible craftsmanship
  • Compared to the previous version, it has a great upgrade on its external materials, not a dirt magnet anymore!
  • Has versatile carrying experience

Minaal Carry On 3.0 Cons

  • This pack is really expensive
  • Lacks features for its price point. No waist pads and the shoulder straps
  • The sternum strap is too dangly and none removable. Yikes!

Is the Minaal Carry On 3.0 for You?

Minaal Carry On 3.0 is a lightweight, durable and compact backpack that fits all your needs. Using the previous version of this pack for my Vietnam adventure trip was already incredible, what more if I got the new and upgraded version right? Check the link below if you think this is a great option for you!

Almost the most perfect backpack?

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  • Cost – $$
  • Size – 35L to 40L
  • Key Feature –  Modern urban pack with duffel-style main compartment for city travel

Why people love this backpack – If you watch our videos from time-to-time, you will know how much we love Aer. They didn’t disappoint when they made this Capsule Pack as the always have their way to show their unique branding and feel through their products.

This pack is light weight an durable and is perfect for city strolls. It also has a large main compartment with multiple pockets for storing your electronics and other small items, as well as an expandable side pocket. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty—no matter what happens to it (or you), Aer will replace your bag if something goes awry.

Check out our full Aer Capsule Pack Review.

Aer Capsule Pack
The Aer Capsule Pack is almost the most perfect backpack. What went wrong?​

Aer Capsule Pack Pros

  • It's an Aer pack. Need we say more?
  • The versatility: Can be a back pack and a duffel pack
  • Has one of the best tech compartments
  • Has a very functional and convenient quick access pocket at the top

Aer Capsule Pack Cons

  • Got a compromised duffel experience
  • The handles are uncomfortable due to its plastic lining
  • The interior materials at the top compartment are kind of flimsy which is definitely not sexy!

Is Aer Capsule Pack the pack for You?

If you are looking for a 35 t- 40 liter packs that can double as a duffel pack. This is also for you if you are looking for a large travel packs for long term travel.

Our top choice for the most functional pack

  • Watch our full review ☝️
  • Cost – $$$$
  • Size – 20L to 30L
  • Key Feature – Everyday Carry pack for
    Digital Nomads and business professionals

Why minimalists love this backpack – Nomatic Travel Pack is a great travel bag for digital nomads who want to carry their laptop, tablet, and other tech gear.

It has a hidden laptop pocket that can also fit a tablet or e-reader in it. The organizer panel on the front of the pack has padded sleeves so you don’t have to worry about your electronics getting damaged if they fall out while traveling.

Nomatic Travel Pack is made from durable fabric that’s water resistant and tear resistant. It’s comfortable to wear when carrying your backpack with shoulder straps (which are reinforced) so you won’t have any neck or back pain after long walks through airports or train stations!

 Check out our full Nomatic Travel Pack review!

Due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to ‘Gomatic’ in Europe and the UK. Although the brand name is technically different, both versions sell the exact same high-quality gear 🙂

The Nomatic Travel pack is our top choice for the most functional pack​.
Nomatic Travel Pack is made from durable fabric that’s water resistant and tear resistant. It’s comfortable to wear when carrying your backpack with shoulder straps (which are reinforced) so you won’t have any neck or back pain after long walks through airports or train stations!
 Check out our full Nomatic Travel Pack review!

Nomatic Travel Pack Pros

  • Has a super sleek and professional look to it
  • Has a versatile capacity
  • Has awesome organization and features for tech gear

Nomatic Travel Pack Cons

  • The exterior tarpaulin material is definitely not scratchproof
  • The backpadding has bad ventilation
  • The transformation is does not look good

Is Nomatic Travel Pack the backpack for You?

If you are looking for a daypack that could double as a travel pack, then this pack is our favorite option for you. 

Best Minimalist Backpack

  • Watch our full review ☝️
  • Cost – $$​
  • Size – 35L​
  • Key Feature – Ultra minimalist​

Why minimalists love this backpack…

Arcido is one of the most exciting backpack brands out there. They’ve really created a noticeable aesthetic for themselves, and the Akra is one of the reasons. 

Aesthetically speaking, this backpack is one of our all-time favorites. The shape is gorgeous, the colors are memorable, all while being an extremely functional pack. 

Arcido Akra Pros

  • Super sleek look
  • Very little drag or unnecessary weight
  • Very comfortable build

Arcido Akra Cons

  • Only comes in one color
  • The laptop compartment gives us a headache
  • Some iffy interior materials

Is Arcido Akra the backpack for You?

If you are looking for a backpack that looks great for casual or business occasions, but don’t need a billion pockets – the Akra might be your soul-pack. 

Our top pick for Business Travelers

  • Watch our full review ☝️
  • Cost – $$
  • Size – 22 to 37L
  • Key Feature – Looks professional if you’re a professional person. It’s strictly business.

Why business travelers love this backpack…

The Knack Pack is smart and streamlined, making for the perfect, sleek luggage for business travelers. You can take this on the street, you can take this to a meeting, you can take this on a plane – it’s suitable anywhere.

The backpack itself is all about nice and simple design. It zips open like a suitcase, making it easy to pack for trips. Depending on how long your trip is, this can expand to fit a whole lot more than just a weekend’s worth of clothes.

The Knack Pack
Our top pick for Business Travelers​ is the Knack Pack!

The Knack Pack Pros

  • Different compartments for electronics to keep them safe - easy access, too
  • AMAZING expandability means you can keep things super light or more substantial
  • You can even zip the straps away to make this extra neat

The Knack Pack Cons

  • Not exactly exciting to look at - comes in black and grey only
  • Some people might find the patterned interior a bit TOO ‘business class’
  • For any outside-of-city travel, this won’t be the best off the beaten track bag

Is The Knack Pack the bag for You?

Professional, minimal travel is the whole concept behind The Knack Pack. This bag is for anybody who wants a simple looking bag without anything fancy attached to it. Black and grey with a laptop sleeve – and it’s expandable. What more could you need?

The ultimate bag for Adventurers

  • Watch our full review ☝️
  • Cost – $$$
  • Size – 25 to 35L
  • Key Feature – This pack features next-level comfort, a metal frame, and a quick-draw camera access port

Why photographers love this backpack…

It’s made from high quality materials, designed to be very comfortable and has lots of pockets for your gear. Another great feature about this backpack is that it’s lightweight and compact – so you can carry it around with ease!

The WANDRD Fernweh also comes with a laptop sleeve for those long days at work or school when you need to bring along some extra gear on your digital nomad adventures.

 Check out our full Wandrd Fernweh review!

Wandrd Fernweh
The Wandrd Fernweh is the ultimate bag for Adventurers​

Wandrd Fernweh Backpack Pros

  • Has waterproof and weather-resistant materials
  • Has next-level comfort to it
  • The camera cube functionality is top-notch

Wandrd Fernweh Backpack Cons

  • Extremely expensive
  • Has a complex user experience
  • The top access can be annoying

Is the Wandrd Fernweh Backpack for You?

This is one of the best backpacks for digital nomads because it’s made from high quality materials and designed to be very comfortable. It has lots of pockets to keep your gear organized, which is something that is super important when traveling with a laptop, phone and other electronic devices. So if you need all that for your next adventure, you should definitely go for this pack!

Best bag for photographers!

  • Watch our full review ☝️
  • Cost – $$$
  • Size – 25 to 35L
  • Key Feature – There’s a pretty nifty removable camera pouch featured here​

Why photographers love this backpack…

This bag is literally designed with photographers in mind. A crossover travel and photography backpack, this is the sort of thing that’s as perfect for day to day use as it is for weeks and months of travel at a time.

One of the coolest things about this backpack is how it transforms; there are about three or four different ways you can carry this bag. One of these is especially great for photographers, allowing the camera pouch to be attached on the outside for easy access. Pretty neat.

Boundary Supply Prima System Backpack
The Boundary Supply Prima System is the best option for photographers!​

Boundary Supply Prima System Pros

  • It’s got loads of combos - it’s like a Transformer. You can really make it work for you.
  • Access to anything in the bag at any one time feels pretty convenient​
  • There is even a laptop compartment for when you need to edit those pics

Boundary Supply Prima System Cons

  • If you’re not 110% into photography, there’ll be too much going on for you here
  • A bit flimsy - won’t stand up by itself when set down
  • Aside from camera stuff, you won’t fit a load of stuff in here

Is the Boundary Supply Prima System for You?

This is a well done hybrid bag, mixing a camera bag with a backpack, and is perfect for photographers. If you’re a travel photographer, this is even more perfect – especially if you like hiking and taking pictures out in nature.

Final Thoughts!

There you have it! The absolute best backpacks for Digital Nomads!

While there are TONS of amazing options on this list, we know that you;ll be able to find one that is perfect for you.

And remember, if you are still having a hard time picking – go with our #1 choice – the Nomatic Travel Bag!

Travel on Nomads!

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