Best Digital Nomad Gear [27 Must Have Items]

If you are looking for some of the best Digital Nomad gear – look no further!

Digital Nomads love cool gear – and can you blame us? As full time online workers/travelers, good gear can make the difference between a great experience and an OK one. 

But while good Digital Nomad gear can be awesome, there is a TON of crap stuff out there.

So to help, we’ve compiled a list of the best Digital Nomad – for all budgets!

Let’s jump into the best gear for Digital Nomads.

Best Backpack for Digital Nomads >> Nomatic Travel Bag (40L)
Best Backpack #2 for Digital Nomads​ >> Tortuga Outbreaker

Best Daypack for Digital Nomads​ >> Nomatic Backpack (20L)​
Best Daypack #2 for Digital Nomads >> Tortuga Setout Laptop 25L

Best Laptop (Mac) for Digital Nomads >> MacBook Pro
Best Laptop (PC) for Digital Nomads >> Acer Chromebook CB3431
Best Laptop Stand for Digital Nomads >> Roost Laptop Stand
Best Wireless Mouse for Digital Nomads >> Jelly Comb 2.4G Wireless Mouse
Best Wireless Keyboard for Digital Nomads >> Vitalitim Wireless Keyboard
Best Tablet for Digital Nomads >> Microsoft Surface Go

Best Travel Wallet for Digital Nomads >> Nomatic Wallet

Best Moleskin for Digital Nomads >> Moleskine Classic Notebook

Best Kindle for Digital Nomads >> Kindle Paperwhite 8GB

Best Phone (Apple) for Digital Nomads >> iPhone 8+
Best Phone (Android) for Digital Nomads >> Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Best Earpod Headphones for Digital Nomad >> Bose SoundSport Free
Best Overhead Headphones for Digital Nomads >> Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless


Best Camera for Digital Nomads >> Nikon Coolpix B700
Best Camera #2 for Digital Nomads >> Sony RX100 V
Best Portable Speaker for Digital Nomads >> Treblab HD77 Portable Speaker

Best Portable Battery for Digital Nomads >> Jackery PowerBar 75
Best Portable Battery #2 for Digital Nomads >> Anker Powercore 13000
Best Travel Adaptor for Digital Nomads >> Pac2Go Universal Travel Adaptor

Best Backpack for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Backpack – There are a couple of reasons you should be losing your mind over this awesome backpack.

Compartmentalization really helps you keep organized on the road, making amazing use of all the space in the backpack. You don’t have to fit your digital nomad ways around a conventional backpack; instead, this pack makes life easy for you.

Love backpacks? Read more about our TOP backpacks for Digital Nomads. 

Pros of the Nomatic Travel Bag

  • Separate padded laptop/tablet sleeve
  • Simple and stylish: blacks and greys make it sleek
  • Carry-on size for that elusive one-pack travel

Cons of the Nomatic Travel Bag

  • That waterproofing and all those pockets sure do make it heavy
  • The water bottle pocket is inside - good for style, bad for practicality
  • Possibly OVER-designed i.e. maybe you don’t need all those compartments

Is the Nomatic Travel Bag for You?

Well, if you’re a digital nomad and you DO have a lot of stuff to carry around – things like multiple phones, tablets, charger wires, a GoPro, books, Kindle, and a laptop – then we’d definitely say this is the bag for you. 

While it might be a little heavy, that’s a small price to pay for the possibility of fulfilling that elusive fantasy of traveling with only ONE backpack. And you can open it like a suitcase.

Get the Nomatic Travel Bag

Due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to ‘Gomatic’ in Europe and the UK. Although the brand name is technically different, both versions sell the exact same high-quality gear 🙂

Best Backpack #2 for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Backpack – Seriously, the Tortuga Outbreaker is super comfortable. This is easily one of the comfiest backpacks we’ve ever seen. It’s carry-on size, which is a major plus.

But it’s also pretty stylish and won’t make you stand out like a backpacker if you’re trying to blend in when you’ve just arrived in a new city. Definitely a good choice for the urban-minded backpacker.

Check out our full Tortuga Outbreaker review for a full breakdown. 

Pros of the Tortuga Outbreaker

  • Sailcloth technology means it’s waterproof and ultra-tough
  • Maximizes space with storage panels, and packing cubes you can buy separately
  • Back panels means NO MORE SWEATY BACK. Amazing

Cons of the Tortuga Outbreaker

  • Maybe a bit too urban. Not for hiking or off-the-beaten-track travel
  • Sure it maximizes space, but it’s heavy
  • The larger size (45L) isn’t accepted on all airlines as carry-on

Is the Tortuga Outbreaker for You?

While this could be seen as ‘the ultimate’ digital nomad bag, it’s not going to be 100% for everybody. If you’re all about cities and cafe-hopping and have a lot of electrical equipment, then the Tortuga Outbreaker is cool – super comfy, carry-on size (mostly), and tough material. 

If you’re less about that and don’t really mind if your stuff is stylish or not, or you don’t have a lot of electricals, then maybe this isn’t your bag. Literally.

Best Daypack for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Backpack – While you may be traveling around with a larger bag, having something smaller to take on a week-long (or less) trip is ideal; the Nomatic Backpack 20L size is a great option for that (or even the slightly bigger Nomatic Travel Pack!)

It’s cool looking and could actually be used as a ‘professional’ bag. So if you actually need to keep up appearances when you’re away – have a meeting, stuff like that – turning up with this would be great.

If you are looking for a daypack, check out our guide to the best laptop backpacks for Digital Nomads!

Pros of the Nomatic Backpack

  • Panel for all your electronics including keyboard and wires
  • Expandable! Goes from 20 to 24 liter
  • Ideal for short trips away and can be used as a carry-on

Cons of the Nomatic Backpack

  • Not very big. It could fit a week’s worth of stuff… at a push.
  • Definitely not for off-piste, offroad, rural travel
  • No waistband means all the weight is on your shoulders

Is the Nomatic Backpack (20L) for You?

It’s stylish and looks cool. If you’re a digital nomad who loves city breaks, this kind of thing is going to be perfect for you. We mean, there’s even RFID-blocking pockets so your card info can’t be scanned by techno-thieves. And hidden money pockets, too. 

It’s even got a sleeve to fit over the handle of a wheelie suitcase. But for anybody who likes hiking and getting mucky, maybe this isn’t for you; city trips only.

Get the Nomatic Backpack

Due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to ‘Gomatic’ in Europe and the UK. Although the brand name is technically different, both versions sell the exact same high-quality gear 🙂

Best Daypack #2 for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Backpack – This is literally designed with digital nomads in mind. If what you want to do is take a lot of electronics on the road, but only for a short time, this thing is packed with pockets and compartments to keep you organized.

It works as carry-on luggage, meaning city breaks are easily done with this.

Pros of the Tortuga Setout Laptop

  • Stash away the shoulder straps for plane travel
  • Squidgy protective laptop sleeve
  • LOADS of compartments for everything from books to wires

Cons of the Tortuga Setout Laptop

  • Quite expensive for a bag its size
  • Also pretty heavy for a bag its size - definitely NOT ultralight
  • You won’t be fitting much in here

Is the Tortuga Laptop Bag for You?

First of all, if you’ve got a laptop that’s over 15”, then you won’t be using this bag. It just won’t fit. The tablet pocket also only fits up to 9.7”. 

And there’s not a lot of room besides. Enough for a few nights – or if you don’t mind washing your clothes all the time, longer. It’s a pretty good option though; if you don’t mind sacrificing space for style, you’ll be fine.

Best Laptop (Mac) for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Laptop – Must we explain? Must we? You can see digital nomads all over the WORLD using MacBook Pros.

It’s definitely the go-to laptop for people who travel and work online. Design capabilities, screen quality, smooth and (usually) quick operating system… It’s all here.

Pros of the MacBook Pro

  • Loads of options to choose from in terms of RAM and storage
  • Retina display means on-point visuals
  • Sleek… Aesthetics, people.

Cons of the MacBook Pro

  • All this comes at a price. Ouch
  • Because of that, you WILL be precious about it
  • Not all software works with it

Is the MacBook Pro for You?

Honestly, HONESTLY, if you’re just writing blog posts, you do not need a MacBook Pro. Just because all the other kids have one, doesn’t mean you MUST have one. 

When it comes to video editing, photo editing, doing a million things at once that need high power, then maybe – just maybe – you deserve a MacBook Pro.

Best Laptop (PC) for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Laptop – Ok, so this thing is all kinds of amazing. Most of all, it’s ultra lightweight and it’s not going to make a dent in the weight you’re carrying at all.

And if you’re heading out for a day of writing or whatever it is you do online, a full battery lasts up to 9 hours! Amaze.

Pros of the Acer Chromebook

  • Battery life, battery life, battery life.
  • ULTRA lightweight
  • No fan, no worries about dust or overheating

Cons of the Acer Chromebook

  • Little storage means you WILL need an external hard drive
  • Barely anything is compatible with the Chrome OS
  • Google will be your everything

Is the Acer Chromebook CB3431 for You?

If you’re not happy with using Gmail, Google Photos, Google Chrome, Google Docs, and just about every other Google thing available, you might not like this option. 

But if you work mainly online, only need to write blog posts, send emails, and check social media, then – despite the non-catchy name – you’ll LOVE this machine. It’s a wonder of battery life and a surprising lifespan.

Best Laptop Stand for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love the Roost Laptop Stand – Laptop use puts you at risk of tension related injuries, like tight neck, repetitive wrist strain & spinal discomfort. 

The primary cause? Poor posture. The simple solution – a laptop stand! By elevating your laptops’ screen to eye level you’ll sit straight, stare directly ahead and get shit done in maximum comfort!

If you’re on the go, you’ll want a laptop stand that’s light, compact and effortless to use – the Roost Laptop Stand smashes all these criteria.  This is a must have for your Digital Nomad packing list

Pros of the Roost Laptop Stand

  • Easy to use & Insanely Portable
  • Fits almost all laptops
  • Ridiculously lightweight (5.5 oz).

Cons of the Roost Laptop Stand

  • A little pricey
  • Could be more durable
  • Made of plastic, not alloy

Is the Roost Laptop Stand for You?

If you’re after the sleekest laptop stand that money can buy OR the most budget friendly option, the Roost Laptop probably isn’t for you. 

BUT, if you’re searching for that perfect midrange laptop stand; one that was created with the travelling digital nomad in mind and won’t weigh you down nor take up packing space, then this is the one for you baby! 

Using it’ll also work wonders at alleviating physical tension by supporting great posture. 

Best Wireless Mouse for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love the Jelly Comb 2.4G Wireless Mouse  – The ergonomic design and minimal click sound makes this mouse perfect for day in, day out use.

The thing also comes in a range of seriously sleek and varied paint jobs in a cool 21st century utopian design. 

Add stable connection plus easy storage of the USB receiver in the mouse for effortless portability…and it’s easy to see why we love the jelly comb wireless mouse. 

Pros of the Jelly Comb 2.4 Wireless Mouse

  • Great Comfort and Usability
  • Multiple awesome designs
  • Universal Compatability

Cons of the Jelly Comb 2.4G Wireless Mouse

  • A little slow to wake up
  • Quite power hungry
  • Batteries not included

Is the Jelly Comb 2.4G Wireless Mouse for You?

If you want an indestructible, faster than lightening wireless mouse that’ll go forever and be strong enough to smash up other peoples computer mice with, you could probably find a flashier mouse to splash more cash on than this. 

HOWEVER, although you may need to replace this mouse once a year; it is incredibly enjoyable, comfortable and practical to work with in addition to being very affordable. 

With its nifty design and epic range of slick colour finishes, there’s also no doubt that it’s the coolest mouse we ever seen. 

Best Wireless Keyboard for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love the Vitalitim Wireless keyboard – Simply put, we found this to be the most reliable and most practical wireless keyboard out there.

So many other travel keyboards, especially the foldings models are more prone to glitching and they also often have  non-traditional key layouts…a major pain in the ass for touch typers!

The Vitalitim keeps things old school with a traditional key layout and is literally capable of lasting a lifetime without faulting – whilst also being comfortable to use and compact enough to take on the go.

Pros of the Vitality Wireless Keyboard

  • Slim and easy to pack
  • Includes Calculator Panel
  • Insane Durability + Lifetime Warranty.

Cons of the Vitalitim Wireless Keyboard

  • Does not fold
  • Limited colour range
  • No Caps Lock Light

Is the Vitalitim for You?

If taking up as little space as physically possible is your TOP priority for a wireless keyboard, then you should opt for one of the folding models. 

However, if your main requirements for a wireless keyboard are that it is highly efficient to type on, extremely reliable and still relatively compact – we could not more strongly recommend the Vitalitim Wireless Keyboard!

Best Toiletry Bag for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads love the Peak Design wash Pouch – It doesn’t matter if you are a business traveler, a Digital Nomad, a backpacker or anything in between – everyone needs a toiletry bag.

And the Peak Design Wash Pouch is our favorite.

Made from durable and sexy materials, this toiletry bag is highly functional, and will last you for years to come. 

Read the full Peak Design Wash Pouch Review

Pros of the Peak Design Wash Pouch

  • Fits a TON of stuff
  • Durable, recycled materials

Cons of the Peak Design Wash Pouch

  • Too many pockets for some
  • Main zipper gets caught too often

Is the Peak Design Wash Pouch for You?

Do you need a toiletry bag? Then yes, this is for you.

Best Tech Pouch for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads love the Peak Design Tech Pouch – If there is one thing that Digital Nomads have a lot of – it’s tech stuff.

And the Peak Design Tech Pouch gives you a way to organize all of that tech stuff!

Inspired by origami, this amazingly designed case can carry a ton of gear in a way that is safe, secure and very organized.

Check out our full Peak Design Tech Pouch Review. 

Pros of the Peak Design Tech Pouch

  • Easily store all of your tech gear
  • Durable materials

Cons of the Peak Design Tech Pouch

  • A bit bulky
  • Can't fit a laptop

Is the Peak Design Tech Pouch for You?

Honestly, this could be the #1 recommendation on the entire list. If you do NOT own some sort of way to organize all of your tech gear, then you might be surprised just how much better this case will make your life. 

Best Travel Wallet for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love the Nomatic Wallet – Nomatic have a solid reputation for making ergonomic and durable pieces of kit with the digital nomad in mind. 

The Nomatic Wallet is no different – it takes up little more space than a credit card whilst still boasting enough storage for 14 of the things plus money and coins.

With it’s simple yet brilliant pull tab for quick access, don’t blame us if you find yourself whipping it needlessly out just to feel suave as…

Pros of the Nomatic Wallet

  • Slim Profile = Easy Storage
  • Pull Tab = Fast Access
  • Tough & Durable

Cons of the Nomatic Walet

  • Only 1 Money Compartment
  • Not Leather
  • Kinda Small

Is the Nomatic Wallet for You?

If you prefer a wallet with endless compartmentalisation; one where you can easily separate and view different coins and notes, than you should go for a more traditional wallet. 

THAT SAID, if you’re seeking in a wallet that has formidable accessibility and takes up minimal pocket space…plus is extremely durable – the Nomatic Wallet was made for you. 

Get the Nomatic Wallet

Due to a trademark issue, Nomatic had to rebrand to ‘Gomatic’ in Europe and the UK. Although the brand name is technically different, both versions sell the exact same high-quality gear 🙂

Best Moleskin for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Notebook – Moleskin’s distinctly beautiful notebooks have been prized by travellers, journalists and students for a long while now. Why?

Their sleek design means they take up minimal packing space whilst the high quality ivory pages are available in lined, plain, dotted and squared.

With inner storage folders, a durable cover and an elastic closure band, the moleskine journal makes the perfect travel companion to the adventuring writer. 

Pros of the Moleskine Journal

  • Durable & Easy to Pack
  • Includes Attached Ribbon Bookmark
  • Surprisingly Low Cost

Cons of the Moleskine Journal

  • Not real leather
  • Can only have 1 Page Type per Journal
  • Doesn't have endless pages

Is the Moleskine Journal for You?

If you desire a true luxury journal, the kind that you blow dust off and is sculpted from the finest leather from the cutest kangaroos, one with thousands of pages and gold dust sprinkled upon it’s pages…go for it and splash out $100 on a journal. 

Honestly, you can pay a lot for good journals and it’s purely a matter of personal preference. But if you prefer the idea of a mid price journal that goes above and beyond many high price journals levels of efficiency, reliability and style, you should strongly consider the Moleskine. 

The Coolest Sling for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Sling – 

Slings are all the rage right now – and deservingly so! They are minimal, yet functional. They are subtle, yet pretty cool!

And out of all the slings, we think the Bellroy Sling is the best. 

At 7 liters, it’s got a great design, holds plenty of stuff, and not to mention it’s made from recycled ocean plastics. 

Check out our full Bellroy Sling Review or if you want something larger, then read our Peak Design Everyday Sling Review

Pros of the Bellroy Sling

  • Super light and minimal
  • Great design
  • Amazing magnetic clip on strap

Cons of the Bellroy Sling

  • Serious lack of pockets
  • Main compartment could have a few more features
  • Might be too small for some

Is the Bellroy Sling for You?

Traveling with a sling is highly encouraged. It’s draws less attention than a backpack, and it’s easier to keep close to you. 

If you are looking to get a sling that is cool looking, yet gives you a ton of practical features – the Bellroy is our favorite. 

Best Kindle for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Kindle – This is the lightest, thinnest kindle currently out there. That means you get to pack lighter which equals easier travel.

It’s also WATERPROOF; this is a total game changer – now you can read in the pool, amidst bath bubbles or even by a god damn waterfall. Gnarly.

There’s more. Kindle have now partnered  Audible – allowing kindle users to switch between reading…and listening via bluetooth with speakers or headphones!

Pros of the Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB

  • Includes 3 FREE Months of Kindle Unlimited!
  • Single Battery Charge lasts weeks, not hours
  • Built in adjustable light

Cons of the Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB

  • Only comes in black or twighlight blue
  • Still not resistant to saltwater
  • A little pricy - but worth it!

Is the Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB for You?

If you’re the sort of digital nomad who loves to read in all different locations and never wants to be far from what their reading, the Kindle Paperwhite 8GB is definitely for you.  

With lighting, water resistance and Audible allowing you to continue listening to books that you were previously reading,  there’s really not many scenarios we can imagine being unable to using this fantastic Kindle. Besides skydiving anyway…

Best Phone (Apple) for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Phone – It’s an Apple phone – it’s bound to be decent. TruTone tech adjusts the temperature of the color depending on the lighting – when the sun is super bright, the screen is usually pretty much impossible to see, but not with this! The 12MP camera means you won’t even NEED a standalone camera. Seriously.

Pros of the iPhone

  • Battery life is surprisingly good
  • Good speakers if you want to listen to music
  • Big screen means watching videos or photo editing is simple

Cons of the iPhone

  • Could be TOO big
  • Design isn’t that different from previous models
  • You don’t get the QI wireless charger pad with it

Is the iPhone 8+ for You?

If you’re an Apple fan, chances are you probably already HAVE an iPhone. But if you’re between phones or looking for a separate phone to take traveling with you, the iPhone is a decent choice. 

It has all the comprehensive features of a top-shelf iPhone but without the expense. What’s not to like?

Best Phone (Android) for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Phone – The huge screen means if you don’t have a laptop with when you’re traveling this is actually a decent option to watch stuff on the go; you know, chilling in your room.

There’s also a ‘DeX Mode,’ meaning you can replicate a desktop environment. Plus, there’s a microSD slot and a headphone jack. Win, win, win.

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy Note9

  • Business on the road is EASY with this
  • Super long battery life
  • Amazing amount of storage

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Note9

  • Expensive (new-ish model and all that)
  • It’s large, so not immediately hand-sized for a lot of people
  • Doesn’t look all that

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for You?

Let’s face it – this thing doesn’t LOOK as cool as an iPhone. But that’s ok. If you’re after screen size, being able to watch stuff without squinting, literally using your phone as a desktop, and having an actual ton of storage, then you might want to consider this. 

Then again, if you don’t have a spare $700, an iPhone, strangely enough, might be the cheaper option.

Best Camera for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Camera – Yeah, we mentioned the zoom – and it’s GOOD – without having to fit massive zoom lenses into your bag, which is always a plus.

It’s also pretty compact for a decent camera. What’s more, it also films 4K videos. And what do digital nomads love other than something that does everything without having to carry extra shiz around?

Further readingGoPro vs DSLR, which is better for travel?

Pros of the Nikon Coolpix B700

  • The camera can connect to wi-fi - no more wires!
  • Three-inch vari-angle screen; see what you shoot in HQ
  • Vibration reduction means even shaky hangover hands can shoot good pics

Cons of the Nikon Coolpix B700

  • It’s mid-range - you’re not going to get the BEST shots
  • There’s only so much that one lens can do
  • Wi-fi/Bluetooth absolutely saps battery life

Is the Nikon Coolpix B700 for You?

It’s a decent, affordable camera with loads of settings. But it’s also user-friendly, meaning you don’t have to be some sort of camera wizard to navigate what’s going on. 

It’s got a great zoom, don’t get us wrong, but only having ONE lens won’t be enough for you if you really want something to take stunning, magazine quality professional photos. For blog stuff and personal use, this is great though. AND it takes videos!

Best Camera #2 for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Camera – You’re going to love anything that a) hardly takes up any space, and b) does a good job. And yep, the Sony RX100 V definitely does that.

The lens is amazing quality for everyday use. And if your digital nomad activity involves vlogging, guess what? This one comes with a flip screen so you can self-direct as you chat to the lens.

Pros of the Sony RX100 V

  • SUPER easy to use
  • Can take 4K video
  • Compact is an understatement

Cons of the Sony RX100 V

  • The battery life isn’t amazing (i.e. you’ll want extra batteries)
  • Only 5 mins of 4K video in one sitting
  • No touchscreen

Is the Sony RX100 V for You?

If you’re looking for a decent, bite-sized camera to take with you on your travels, this is an awesome choice. 

The Sony RX100 V is so much more than a point and click camera – the quality involved in this otherwise pretty unassuming, everyday camera is much more than you’d expect. Great option.

Best Portable Battery for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Portable Battery – A very reliable choice, the Jackery PowerBar 75 is amazing. It’s good enough to even power a laptop.

On top of that, you can take it on an airplane, which is the crucial thing, because you’ll definitely want to travel with this thing. Never lose battery life again! Ever!

Pros of the Jackery PowerBar 75

  • Charge many things at once
  • It’s good for TEN smartphone (THREE tablet) charges
  • Relatively lightweight

Cons of the Jackery PowerBar 75

  • Bulky. It’s definitely not pocket-sized
  • It takes seven hours to charge fully
  • Looks like you’re some sort of industrial handyman carrying it around

Is the Jackery PowerBar 75 for You?

Though pricey and not exactly pretty, if you are a digital nomad with a lot of items to charge, the Jackery PowerBar 75 could REALLY save the day. 

It can charge a load of different things at once, and even keep your laptop going if you’re somewhere with no charging points, i.e. a beach shack or a jungle hut on stilts – somewhere remote. But if you can’t wait for 7 hours and you’re always on the road, maybe not the best.

Best Portable Battery #2 for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Portable Battery – Like all things digital nomad-friendly, it’s compact, sleek, and fits easily into a pocket or bag compartment.

It’s quick to charge stuff, and it gets charged up itself pretty quickly too. It also comes with its own USB cable, meaning no extra expenditure.

Pros of the Anker PowerCore 13000

  • Amazing value for money ($40 or less)
  • At full charge, it could charge an iPhone 5 times
  • Two USB ports mean simultaneous charging

Cons of the Anker PowerCore 13000

  • Not incredible capacity (will only charge an iPad once for example)
  • Doesn’t support pass-through charging
  • Pretty heavy for the size

Is the Anker PowerCore 13000 for You?

For the price, what more can you expect from this decent Anker product than to save the day when your phone is running low on juice? Not a lot, to be honest. 

But if that’s all you need it for, you don’t need to spend more money. If you want to charge a zillion different things, something pricier and heavy duty will be what you’re after.

Best Travel Adaptor for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Travel Adaptor – This little 2.5” cube comes with its own little carry case (cute) and is good for 150 countries.

It’s basically an 8-hole universal socket with slide-out plugs, meaning you won’t be breaking anything. It’s simple but cool. And you can change the voltage too. Handy!

Pros of the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adaptor

  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Good for a whopping 150 countries
  • Two USB ports!

Cons of the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adaptor

  • Could be easy to break
  • Because of its size, it might not slot into outlet spaces (i.e. planes, trains, buses)
  • Only comes in black

Is the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adaptor for You?

Yeah, it’s a funky little cube that does everything in one. But at the same time, putting all your faith in one object can be a risk. Slide-out plugs can have a habit of getting worn/broken over time. 

Plus, the size of it means it won’t be fitting ALL native plug sockets either. However, if you want something that does everything, this one’s for you.

Best Earpod Headphones for Digital Nomad

Why Digital Nomads Love these Headphones – This is the ultimate competitor to Apple’s very own Airpods. They’re by Bose.

And Bose know about sound, right? Comfortable, so you can keep ‘em in for a long time – hello long bus journeys! And the connectivity is next level, too.

Pros of the Bose SoundSport Free

  • Very good battery life (5 hours)
  • Super comfortable. Like, really
  • It’s Bose, so the sound quality is awesome

Cons of the Bose SoundSport Free

  • Not exactly super cheap
  • Made for gym use - wind can interfere
  • Look a bit weird and bulbous in-ear

Are the Bose SoundSport Free for You?

These are great if you’re sitting on a bus watching the world go by, on a flight listening to chill out music, or sitting in a cafe getting some work done. 

But if you want to walk around with all the elements rushing at your ears, maybe these aren’t the best choice. But as a welcome alternative to Airpods, these are far superior. Good for anti-Apple fans. AND they come in different colors… not just white!

Best Overhead Headphones for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love these Headphones – Because these are Sennheiser headphones, the sound quality is top notch. Seriously. They’re noise canceling as well.

So no matter how loud the rickety bus you’re on, or the plane engine roaring, it won’t interfere with your music. Or your audiobook. Pretty dang comfy as well. AND they fold flat for your compact travel needs.

Pros of the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

  • Long lasting battery life (8 hours)
  • 30m (98’) range - now that’s LONG!
  • Voice clarity means it’s good for calls too

Cons of the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

  • Touch controls a bit annoying (not very responsive)
  • Expensive
  • Quite a ‘serious’ design. Suit-friendly, not really nomad vibes

Are the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless for You?

If you have the money, then having a pair of Sennheiser headphones is never a bad thing. EVER. These babies are pretty much going to have you sorted not just for a trip away, but for years. Not a bad thing. 

Then again, if you don’t have the money and you don’t want something as ‘serious’ in design as these, then maybe something else might be better for you.

Best Portable Speaker for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Portable Speaker – You can play the Treblab literally anywhere – want to dump it on the sand and shoot some volleyball? No problem. Slam it on a soaking table and  literally sing in the rain together? Sure!

Despite it’s sleek aesthetic appeal, this thing is waterproof and insanely shockproof, meaning you can literally kick it around in all environments. 

It also sounds amazing. It’s modern design means 360 degrees HD Sound; combine this with the Dualbass double subwoofers and the ability to pair two of these bad boys together and you’re in for an awesome audio experience. 

Pros of the Treblab HD77

  • Extremally Tough & Waterproof
  • Small & Easy to Pack
  • Fantastic Sound Quality

Cons of the Treblab HD77

  • Quite Short bluetooth range
  • Can't go insanely loud. Key Word - Insanely
  • From < 20% Battery, regular low charge sounds.

Is the Treblab HD77 for You?

For the sound connoisseur who wants to experience the absolute best, loudest and longest bluetooth ranged speaker available, regardless of how easy the damm thing is to get around or how delicate it is – consider a bigger, more pricy speaker. 

On the other hand, if you love music and want to impress your friends by being the one who can play it anywhere, anytime with what is still great sound quality… the Treblab HD77 is an epic bet. It’s perfect for travel because of it’s small size and durability plus it looks DOPE! 

Best Tablet for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Tablet – This Microsoft tablet is a GREAT choice for a tablet for digital nomads. This awesome machine is one of the best ways to get your work done on the road.

It runs on Windows 10 and can even be used to play games on in your downtime – without getting too slow.

Pros of the Microsoft Surface Go

  • Lightweight
  • Cool looking, it’s a pretty sleek tablet
  • 10” display

Cons of the Microsoft Surface Go

  • You have to buy the add-ons, like a keyboard
  • It CAN be slow compared to other tablets out there
  • Kind of expensive

Is the Microsoft Surface Go for You?

Without the keyboard, maybe you’d be better off with something else. 

But for how laptop-like you can make this tablet seem, the keyboard add-on and how well it performs AS a workstation is a great shout for any digital nomad thinking of switching things up and ditching a bulky laptop.

Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads Love this Travel Insurance – This is great for people who travel the world and work remotely. Not only can you cover high-value equipment, but you can also LIST said equipment separately, meaning if something happens to your precious STUFF, you’re covered. Peace of mind is pretty priceless!

Check out our must read guide of the best insurance options for Digital Nomads

World Nomads

Pros of the World Nomads

  • Covers 150 countries
  • There’s an international support phone line
  • It’s specifically adapted for backpackers, basically

Cons of World Nomads

  • A LOT of reading to get the right policy for you
  • You’ll have to pay extra for different plans
  • If you fall outside typical ‘backpacker’ age, health, marital bracket, it may not be the best option

Is World Nomads for You?

Travel insurance is PRETTY crucial when you’re on the road. We’re not going to lie about that. Definitely. Being able to cover your health and your belongings when you’re traveling is a great option.

 But if you’re older than the typical backpacker, if you’re traveling with kids, or if you have a certain medical condition, this sort of insurance MAY not be for you.

Final Thoughts on the Best Digital Nomad Gear

Living a Digital Nomad lifestyle is living the dream! And with the help of some of this gear, you’ll be able to enjoy your travels and work more efficiently.

Is there any must have Digital Nomad gear that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below! 

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