The 13 BEST Laptop Backpacks [for Digital Nomads!]

Digital Nomads need two backpacks. A big one, for all their travel stuff, and a small one for their day to day needs and their laptop.

This EPIC article is going to cover the latter – the best laptop backpacks for Digital Nomads!

Written for Nomads, by Nomads, these backpacks are reviewed specifically with Digital Nomads (and your laptops!) in mind.

Because while there are a ton of AMAZING laptop backpacks on the market… many of them are rip offs. 

Let’s dive into the best laptop backpacks (no matter your budget!)

Editor’s note – if you are looking for a bigger backpack (40+ Liters), instead check out our guide to the best travel backpacks for Digital Nomads!

Our top pick for Digital Nomads!

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Why Digital Nomads love this backpack – The most important piece of Digital Nomad Gear is a BIG backpack. And the Nomatic fits the billl.

The key thing here is POCKETS – and lots of ‘em. This means compartmentalization, which – if you have a lot of electricals – you’ll know is KEY. 

One of the main things about being a digital nomad is being out and about looking for wi-fi a lot of the time, right? This daypack looks the part; it’s slim, it’s sleek, it’s cool. It’s also waterproof, so if you get caught in the rain, your precious stuff should be a-ok.

If you like Nomatic but want something bigger – check out the amazing (and huge!) Nomatic Travel Pack.

Pros of the Nomatic Backpack

  • Designed for everyday use, complete with a separate panel for your laptop
  • Looks smart - you won’t be stuck with something unsuitable in the hipster cafe you’re working in
  • It expands from 20 to 24 liters, meaning you can fit even MORE stuff in

Cons of the Nomatic Backpack

  • You’d better get saving because the Nomatic Backpack is super expensive
  • The style might not be for everyone - black and boring doesn’t automatically look cool
  • The zips get stuck sometimes. Not a big deal, but when you’re forking out the dollars, it is less than ideal

Is the Nomatic Backpack for You?

If you’re a sucker for organization, you’re going to love this bag. It’s a great daypack for people who are all about chargers, battery packs, external hard drives, USB sticks, notebooks… Yeah, you’re going to be in heaven.

Our top choice for a laptop bag

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Why this is a great laptop bag – For getting around a city, you want a bag that’s compact, lightweight, and fits all your essential stuff. A TON of organizational space means you can practically carry around a mini, well-organized office all day.

This is a very decent bag that opens up fully to fit even more than just your laptop inside. What’s more, it looks pretty stylish, very urban, and the maker – Setout – is reliable, making sturdy, durable bags.

We also did a HUGE 45L Tortuga Setout review. Worth a look!

Pros of the Setout Laptop Backpack

  • Amazing organization - a lot of pockets and EASY to get to your stuff
  • It’s got a suitcase sleeve so fits very neatly onto a suitcase handle
  • For more travel goodness, the straps can be tucked away for added ease

Cons of the Setout Laptop Backpack

  • A bit small - won’t fit literally everything in, unfortunately
  • The shoulder straps can be a tad uncomfortable, especially when fully loaded
  • It’s only got space for laptops up to 15” and tablets up to 9.7”

Is the Setout Laptop Bag for You?

If what you want is a neat, compact bag that’s basically JUST for your laptop – alongside some other essentials – then what are you waiting for? This bag is most definitely for you. Your laptop will be safe and sound, plus you’ll look pretty swish as well.

Disclaimer: Tortuga Setout has been discontinued. Please check the Tortuga Travel Pack instead! They’re pretty similar but the new one is way better in terms of aesthetic and functionality!

Disclaimer: Tortuga Setout has been discontinued. Please check the Tortuga Travel Pack instead! They’re pretty similar but the new one is way better in terms of aesthetic and functionality!

Our Top Pick for Most Accessible Daypack

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Why this is the most accessible daypack – The whole point of easy access backpacks is so items can be retrieved quickly and easily at vital moments; like when you have only a ten minute slot at a coffee shop to bust out some emails on your laptop or when an unexpected photo opportunity suddenly arises.

But because vital moments tend to be a little unpredictable, it’s not always easy to know what you might need to access. The PRVKE Backpack has the answer to this with three separate quick access points (see key feature above!).

You don’t have to choose between your laptop, camera or other accessories like notebook, for which is the most easily accessible. You can store each of them in one of the separate quick access points and be ready to draw any out in a flash in an instant.

Read our full WANDRD PRVKE Review for more information. 

Pros of the PRVKE Travel Backpack

  • Roll Top Expands to give extra 5 Liters of Space!
  • Water Resistant Tarpaulin Material + Includes Rain Cover
  • Looks sexy

Cons of the PRVKE Travel Backpack

  • Expensive
  • Not Insanely Durable
  • Zippers can jam

Is the WANDRD PRVKE 21 for you?

If you lead the kind of lifestyle that means you never know when or what you’ll need to pull out of your backpack next – only that it’ll need to be quick and most likely digital nomad related, the PRVKE Travel Backpack is your secret sidekick. 

Best Daypack for Photographers!

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Why this is the best daypack for photographers – When you’re out taking photos, you want something that’s going to fit all of your photography stuff in it, right? At the same time, you don’t want to be walking around like some kind of Tech God with various pouches and bags hanging off your already-packed-out bag.

So the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is literally the solution for that. This thing is all about arranging photography gear without compromising on style or comfort. The size also means you can use this not just as a daypack, but a short-term travel bag, too.

Check out our full Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review

Pros of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack

  • Specifically good for drone people; those compartments - seriously good!
  • Side access to the main pocket means no more digging - hallelujah
  • Amazingly waterproofed - electronics don’t like water and Peak Design knows that

Cons of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack

  • Very specifically for photographers - no point if you’re not one
  • The straps can be a bit stiff, and aren’t THAT comfortable
  • Too many openings - user error can happen that won’t with other bags

Is the Peak Design Everyday Backpack for You?

You’re a photographer; taking photos is how you survive in the world. You want a daypack made for YOU that will protect your camera and sort all your photography gear out. This is THE bag, people.

Best Shoulder Carry bag Bag

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Why this is the best shoulder carry backpack – The highly adjustable shoulder straps are magnetic – this means you won’t have to struggle awkwardly with getting them over your big fat head. 

Instead, lock them in place (they can resist 132lb of force!) and unlock them to detach the strap when you want to remove the bag.

The strap buckles also give 360 degree rotation allowing allowing you to carry the Nomatic Messenger Bag however you want – or even as a briefcase if you’d prefer to go ahead and remove them, which is totally possible.

Pros of the Nomatic Messenger Bag

  • Two Customisable Panels and Endless Pockets for Flexible Packing.
  • Durable and Water Resistant Material
  • TSA Ready Laptop Compartment
  • Includes FREE Nomatic Sunglasses Case!

Cons of the Nomatic Messenger Bag

  • Small Carrying Capacity - 15L
  • Cannot be Carried like a Backpack
  • No Storage Space for Camera

Is the Nomatic Messenger Bag for You?

If it’s essential to you that your laptop bag can be carried on the shoulder, the Nomatic Messenger Bag is the best possible bet. The Shoulder Straps are more adjustable, easy to use and tough than that of any other shoulder bag we’ve seen.

Plus, the internal compartmentalisation of this bag makes it a tech users dream; because you can so easily segregate your tech and other items.  

Just remember it’s only got 15L of carrying space, so it’s strictly suitable as a day bag only!

Best multifunction daypack!

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Why this is the best multifunction daypack – You can take this bad boy out in the city and not look out of place (always an issue). But at the same time, you can head out into more countrified areas and not look like a lost city dweller.

Not only is it amazing for tech, but the Boundary Supply Errant Backpack is well suited to carry all sorts of stuff. And then there’s the material: this thing is DURABLE and will stand up to some pretty heavy use.

Read up on our entire Boundary Supply Prima System review. 

Pros of the Boundary Supply Prima System Backpack

  • Modular use - an extra shoulder bag, camera bag, lots of neat add-ons
  • Thick, durable, waterproof material means it can stand the weather
  • Expands an extra TEN liters so you can use this as more than just a daypack

Cons of the Boundary Supply Prima System Backpack

  • Maybe too much stuff going on - do you really need ALL those compartments?
  • Can definitely feel too bulky when it’s packed out
  • Not many pockets on the outside - not always easy to dig for your stuff

Is the Boundary Supply Prima Backpack for You?

A daypack that can also be a small backpack for short-term travel. A city AND a getaway bag. A bag suited to a variety of purposes as well as things specific to digital nomads and photographers. If you’re a fan of versatility, here’s your daypack.

Best Daypack for Daily Carry!

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Why this is daypack for daily carry – When you’ve got a daypack that you’re going to use pretty much every day, you want it to be a few things. 1) Comfortable – this bag certainly is. 2) You want it to look half decent – this looks pretty dope. 3) You want it to LAST – check.

The Evergoods CPL 24 is all these things, making it perfect for something that will last the distance. CPL stands for ‘Civic Panel Loader’ – that’s the side-loading deal going on here. That motion you do when you half take your bag off to get stuff out of it? This company has capitalized on it AMAZINGLY.

Pros of the Nomatic Travel Bag

  • Side-loading, side access, CPL - whatever, it’s genius
  • Simple, unfussy and will fit in pretty much wherever you want to go
  • Can be carried as a shoulder bag, really making use of the side access

Cons of the Nomatic Travel Bag

  • The laptop compartment isn’t crazy padded, so you’ll have to be careful
  • The front pocket isn’t THAT great in terms of space
  • The side-loading access; it’s another thing to remember to zip up

Is the Evergoods CPL 24 for You?

This bag is honestly SO for you if you want a bag that’s going to blend in everywhere. A cool daypack that is perfect for daily carry or the daily commute. Nice to use, looks smart, feels comfy.

Decent for Urban Travelers

Why Urban Travelers love this daypack –  This backpack is a tough one.

On one hand it’s one of the coolest looking backpacks we’ve ever reviewed. Its cylinder shape makes it look sexy and streamlined, and its ballistic nylon makes it look tough and urban.

But unfortunately there are some serious flaws with this pack, so we only recommend it if you are in LOVE with the way it looks. 

Read our full Everyman Hideout Backpack Review

⬇ Watch our EPIC video review below ⬇

Pros of the Everyman Hideout Pack

  • Looks so awesome
  • External materials are great
  • The front zip is this cool-ass chunky thing - we love it

Cons of the Everyman Hideout Pack

  • Overpriced
  • The straps do NOT feel high-quality; they are light foam and not comfy
  • No back padding or support - wtf?

Is the Everyman Hideout Pack for You?

If you are absolutely in LOVE with the way this pack looks – then get it! No judgements!

But ultimately if you are looking for a functional backpack that delivers value for its hefty pricetag – look elsewhere. 

Our top pick for coolest daypack!

Why this is our top pick for the coolest daypack – Many daypacks tend to have a lot of straps, numerous external pockets, and extra bells and whistles dangling off the bag. Even if it’s not a ‘hiking’ bag, things tend to look overly functional sometimes.

The Bellroy Shift Backpack, however, does not. It looks cool. It has a minimal design. It’s like… one piece of fabric rolled up with a lid and straps. Simple and high-end. The material feels super nice, too.

Pros of the Bellroy Shift Backpack

  • Design - no more worries about venturing into a city’s ‘bohemian district’
  • The rolltop lid is a genius little design with an easy to use slide hook to secure it
  • Comfort - lumbar support, padded straps, and chest strap without looking crazy

Cons of the Bellroy Shift Backpack

  • Space issues - it fits a laptop and some other stuff but that’s it
  • No external pockets - the minimalism means there’s nothing like that
  • We think it’s cool, but the basic, streamlined thing might not be your cup of chai

Is the Bellroy Shift Backpack for You?

You’re a person who likes simple stylish design, wants to pack light, and take your laptop for walks around the coolest parts of the world’s cities. Sound like you? Then you should be buying this awesome daypack.

#10 - Tom Bihn Synapse 25

Our top pick for most versatile daypack!

Why this is the best versatile daypack – The second Tom Bihn on our list, this is our top choice for the best versatile daypack out there. It’s neat, it’s compact, it looks sort of like a normal, skater-y kinda backpack (the one you might’ve been used to wearing at school), and we love that.

It’s a normal bag that can do a lot of regular stuff without you having to look like some sort of urban spaceman or wayward jungle trekker. It’s a great halfway option.

Pros of the Tom Bihn Synapse 25

  • Loads of easy-access pockets make organizing and getting to your stuff a breeze
  • Very, very comfortable - even when it’s full to the brim
  • Even though it’s only 25 liters, you can fit a lot into the main compartment

Cons of the Tom Bihn Synapse 25

  • Pretty pricey for such a small daypack
  • The price goes up MORE with optional accessories to enhance the bag
  • Bit of a security issue with all those pockets on the outside

Is the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 for You?

If you’re a fan of organization, like a bit of simple style, and want a bag you can take anywhere for any reason, you definitely won’t go wrong with this daypack.

Our top pick for most durable daypack!

GoRuck's GR1 Backpack

Why this our top pick for the most durable daypack – This is military grade toughness. No, really: we mean it. It literally is. Claims surrounding this super rough-and-ready bag include YKK zips performing even in sandstorms; that it’s got a bombproof laptop compartment; that it’s been tried and tested by US Special Forces in Iraq; and that the bag as a whole is army regulation.

Not the most attractive credentials if you’re not into war and stuff like that, but as a durable daypack, well – they don’t get much more durable than this.

Pros of the GoRuck's GR1 Backpack

  • Built. To. Last. Really, honestly, and truly, we don’t know HOW you could break this bag
  • No-frills design - military grade but not what you’d expect
  • Customer service - this bag amazingly comes with a lifetime warranty

Cons of the GoRuck's GR1 Backpack

  • VERY EXPENSIVE - you’ll have to save for a while to purchase this
  • It may be no frills, but it’s not the coolest - very utilitarian
  • The color fades on the bag, and they tend to pick up dust easily

Is the Go Ruck GR1 for You?

If you are into something that’s going to LAST, get this bag. There is no doubt about this daypack being durable. Quite literally a bag for life. It’s got a bomb-resistant laptop pocket, for crying out loud!

#12 - Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30

Best Daypack with customizable organization

Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30

Why this is the best daypack with customizable organization – With different compartments, the ability to change how the straps work, packing cubes that you can choose to use (or not), there are a TON of different ways you can use the Tom Bihn Aeronaut.

You can wear it like a cross-body bag, carry it like a holdall or suitcase (or briefcase), or use it as a regular backpack – it’s up to you! And with all the compartments going on, separating your stuff is also pretty easy.

Pros of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30

  • Organization - if you like arranging your stuff, the compartments make that a breeze
  • It’s super durable, so won’t be breaking anytime soon
  • Fits a LOT of stuff and is a decent choice for short trips

Cons of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30

  • It’s LARGE - maybe a bit too bulky for hanging around a city situation
  • Expensive - not exactly the cheapest bag out there
  • There’s no laptop sleeve, so you’ll have to provide your own

Is the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 for You?

If you’re not really about tech and want a daypack for everyday things – a change of clothes, a coat, stuff like that – then you’re going to like this one. And if you find yourself on a spontaneous overnight trip, this is a good thing to have. Did we mention it fits a lot?

#13 - Greenroom136 Genesis

Our top pick for tough daypack!

Greenroom136 Genesis

Why this is the best tough daypack – This is an excellent daypack. It’s tough, it’s got these big chunky clips, it’s comfortable, AND it has a load of pockets. Basically, it’s functional, and good for places where the weather isn’t always perfect.

It’s built to last – the kind of daypack you’re going to have in your possession for a long time. And the bonus is that it’s pretty dang cool. The Greenroom136 Genesis looks the part; it fits into an urban environment but wouldn’t look out of place on a hike in the countryside.

Pros of the Greenroom136 Genesis

  • Designed with lousy weather in mind. Rain? No sweat. This is tough and water resistant
  • Multi-attachment webbing at the front means you can clip all sorts of add-ons to this daypack
  • Hidden pockets - you can fit a lot of stuff into this bag’s hidey holes

Cons of the Greenroom136 Genesis

  • There’s no waistbelt - could get a little uncomfy if you’re carrying a load
  • If only this thing had a stiffer back panel - you can feel your stuff poking your back
  • All the clips and dangly bits might get a bit annoying for some people

Is the Greenroom136 Genesis for You?

If you want to be cool (and we mean really cool) when you’re out and about in a city scenario, AND you’re after a reliable backpack that’s going to last, look no further than the Greenroom136 Genesis. It’s stylish in a rugged way.

Final thoughts on the Best Laptop Backpacks for Digital Nomads

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