WANDRD PRVKE Review [21 and 31!]

Epic WANDRD PRVKE Review - 21L + 31L (UPDATED 2023)

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Video Review

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Overall Score

Our Take – WANDRD has really created something special here. This backpack looks great, feels great, and can handle all of your tech gear.

If you like the style and don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of functionality – this pack is amazing. We give it a 4.5/5

This backpack #3 on our best laptop backpacks list.

NN Overall Score - 4.5/5


Available in 21L or 31L

The WANDRD PRVKE comes in two sizes - 21 or 31 liters

WANDRD PRVKE 21 (the one used for this review)

  • Volume: 21 liters to 25 liters (if the rolltop is fully extended)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17″H X 11″W X 6.5″D
  • Laptop Capacity – 13 inch
  • Tablet Capacity: 12.5″H X 9.5″W X .5″D
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs)

Pros of 21L – The backpack used for this review – 21 liters is a perfect size for an everyday carry backpack… assuming you don’t carry a ton of stuff.

21 liters is perfect for daily carry for Digital Nomads, students, business professionals, most photographers and people who just want a dope everyday backpack. 

Cons of a 21L – If you do carry a ton of stuff (especially photography gear) then the 21 might be too small. Also unless you are a super light packer, the 21 liter will probably be too small for weekend trips.


  • Volume: 31 liters to 36 liters (if the roll top fully extended)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 19″H X 12.5″W X 7.5″D
  • Laptop Capacity – 13 inch
  • Tablet Capacity: 12.5″H X 9.5″W X .5″D
  • Weight:  1.5 kg (3.4 lbs)

Pros of 31L – 31 liters is obviously bigger than 21 liters – so if you want a larger daypack that can ALSO be used for weekend/overnight trips – the 31 rules!

Cons of a 31L – If you don’t need a large pack, then you are taking on additional weight and drag (plus paying more) for no reason. 

PERFECT for you if...

The WANDRD PRVKE is seriously one of the best daypacks on the market. If you need something to carry your stuff and you like its style – buy it!

Do you travel around with your DSLR and/or other camera equipment? WANDRD’s gear is designed for you!

Let’s be honest – the way a backpack looks it extremely important, and we think that WANDRD have done an AMAZING job at nailing their aesthetics. If you love the sleek, urban look of the PRVKE, you’ll be pleased to hear that it functions just as well as it looks. 

The WANDRD PRVKE is designed for sleek, streamlined urban travel. 

While it doesn’t have the meticulous organization some of its competitors have, the WANDRD PRVKE is still a fine backpack for any traveling Digital Nomad. 

is NOT for you if...

At 21 or 31 liters – the WANDRD PRVKE is not going to be large enough to be your world travel backpack. If you need a large travel backpack, read our best backpacks for Digital Nomads. 

→ If you need something larger, these are the best on the market…

While we think WANDRD makes great camera gear – if you are a professional then we think Peak Design is a better bet. 

→ These are the best Peak Design packs for professional photographers…

While the WANDRD is certainly durable and water resistant – it is a city pack. We beg you, do not bring this backpack on the Appalachian Trail. 

→ If you want an outdoors backpack, you can’t go wrong with…

This should be a no-brainer. If you think the WANDRD PRVKE is a bit too trendy looking – we understand.

→ Here are a few different looks to investigate…

The WANDRD PRVKE is designed to be functional and efficient – but in a way that is simpler and with less overkill. But if you are the type of person that prefers next-level organization – check below. 

→ Want more functionality and organization?

Dude! Slings are awesome! Sometimes backpacks are overkill. If you need something simpler and smaller, then welcome to the sling revolution!

→ Check out these ultimate sling guides…

Pack Style

WANDRD did an amazing job designing this pack

Similar to the Peak Design Everyday Backpack – we think that the aesthetic of this backpack is something really special.

This is because the WANDRD PRVKE has a very distinct and memorable look. The leather-y materials give it a sleek and sexy feel, and that sleekness is amplified by the pack’s tall and thinner build.

It works very, very well. 

And to top it off, while the sleek aesthetic makes the backpack look modern, we think that the buckle and rolltop features simultaneously give the backpack a classy vibe. 

Modern + classy = the best of both worlds!

How it Feels


We also LOVE the way this pack feels.

WANDRD did a great job selecting materials that not only look great, but also feel satisfying and durable. 

There are two materials you should know about for this WANDRD PRVKE Review.

Material #1 – Tarpaulin

The first material the WANDRD PRVKE uses is Tarpaulin.

From this...
to this!

Tarpaulin? The same stuff we cover pools with? Tarpaulin?!?

You bet! The WANDRD PRVKE uses Tarpaulin materials so achieve its’ sleek and leathery look.

On touch the material feels very smooth. Not quite as smooth as leather, but still very satisfying to the touch. 

Ultimately it feel high quality and it looks amazing. 


On the bad side – the Tarpaulin scratches easily. If you look closely you can see…

While the Tarpaulin is strong and durable – it’s easily chinked. 

We’ve been using it lightly for 2 months and have already gotten scratches all over the front of the pack – all of which are noticeable.

This will come down to personal preference. We at Nomads Nation actually like a little scarring on our packs – we believe that a little wear and tear is the mark of your adventure!

But some people don’t like scratches – which is completely understandable. If that sounds like you then check out the Peak Design Everyday Backpack instead.

Material #2 – Ballistic Nylon

The other WANDRD PRVKE material to make note of is the ballistic nylon.

Ballistic nylon is used on the rolltop and a few other areas of the PRVKE

Ballistic Nylon is very commonly used to make backpacks – chances are you have interacted with it on more than one backpack before.

The WANDRD PRVKE Ballistic Nylon feels great – very strong. And although the nylon looks rougher to the tough, it’s very high quality Ballistic Nylon which means it actually feels smooth.

The Tarpaulin and Ballistic Nylon make up 90% of the pack’s materials and are the primary reason we love the feel and aesthetic of the PRVKE.

The smooth Tarpaulin mixes very well with the rougher-looking Ballistic Nylon which helps give the pack a nice, balanced look. 


YKK Zippers

WANDRD rocks YKK zippers

As per industry standard, WANDRD uses YKK zippers throughout their backpack.

YKK Zippers are the best in the industry. They are durable and weather resistant – so you can be confident knowing that they will last the test of time. 

The zippers feel strong and have a nice satisfying ZIP to them. Opening and closing this backpack is never a crappy experience. 


We promise we will highlight some cons of the PRVKE – but until then we have to sing its praises once more.

So here we go – holy shit this backpack is comfortable!

The straps, back panel, handles and everything in between are thoughtfully designed and are really comfy to wear. 

We think in particular that the shoulder straps are marvelous. But more on that in a bit…

Front of the Pack

The front of the WANDRD PRVKE is fairly basic – there are only a few important things to discuss. 

Let's take a look at the front of the pack...

Logo Placement

WANDRD does great branding – and this rubber stamp is a testament to that. 

We like subtle branding, and the PRVKE accomplishes just that. 

Moving on!

Front Pocket

Something important to note about the WANDRD PRVKE…

It’s a bit basic.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact – it’s a great thing! We think WANDRD did a great job balancing simplicity with functionality. A lot of the other more ‘functional’ backpacks are overkill for most people. 

The WANDRD PRVKE is just the right amount of features for most people – and this front pocket is testament to that!

There is only one front pocket
But it is larger than expected!

The front pocket lines most of the height of the pack, and is easy to zip or unzip.

When you open the pocket you’ll see that there are two points worth considering…

#1 – There is no additional organization – As we said, the folks at WANDRD decided to make the PRVKE simpler, and this front pocket is a prime example of that decision.

No pen holders, no pockets within a pocket, no fancy features – just a big freaking pocket. 

#2 – It’s quite big! The pocket has a surprising amount of capacity, but we wouldn’t recommend overpacking it as it will warp the shape of the backpack. 

The Big Ass Buckle


OK here’s the deal with the buckle…

First – We understand it’s not for everyone. Some people might find the buckle classy and fun, but others might see it as a bit too pretentious. 

If that’s you – we understand.

But if you dig the buckle, guess what – we do too!

But it’s not perfect…

Let’s go over some pros and cons of the buckle. 

Buckle PRO #1 – It’s strong and sturdy. This thing is NOT breaking anytime soon.

Buckle PRO #2 – It looks dope. Enough said.

Buckle CON #1 – The functionality is… meh.

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t saying it’s difficult to use, we are just saying that it isn’t always a seamless experience…

Sometimes buckling or unbuckling this pack can vary in difficulty depending on a) how much stuff you’ve packed and b) how coordinated you are feeling on that particular day. 

We emphasize – we aren’t saying it’s bad. We are just saying it isn’t anywhere near as seamless or as fun as the Peak Design MagLatch.

Middle of the Pack

This is the part of the review where we take a look at sides of the pack, as well as the main compartment.

This is where the WANDRD PRVKE really opens up (get it?) and we get to see some of its more glaring flaws…

Rolltop Access/Main Compartment

Holy unrolled rolltop!

Buying a new backpack is like entering a new relationship with someone – and we think that it’s best to be aware of what you are getting yourself into before jumping right in.

So let’s talk about rolltop backpacks.

We think that the WANDRD PRVKE rolltop 1) looks great and 2) functions pretty well. 

Notice that we used the words ‘pretty well’. 

This is because one of the biggest flaws of the PRVKE is your ability to access your stuff. 

Take a look at what we mean…

The path to your gear is dark and perilous

Unrolling the rolltop and then putting your hand deep into your pack doesn’t always feel like the most efficient way to get your hands on your goods. 

Because of that, we might recommend thinking twice about the PRVKE if you are carrying a ton of stuff. The PRVKE best serves someone who has a handful of bulkier items so they can be easily accessed from the top access area.

There ARE a few more ways to access the main compartment, but we’ll cover at that in a bit.

Top Handles

These. Handles. ROCK!

Holy tote-handles, do we love these tote-handles!

They are comfy, easy to grab, and extremely effective to use. We found ourselves using the tote handles more than we did on any handle on any other backpack. 

Which is saying a lot!

Also a bonus to these handles – they have magnets!

Yup, located on the top of one handle and the bottom of another lies a strong magnet. This magnet streamlines the use of the handles, giving a little extra support for them sticking (and staying!) together. 

Mark our words, this is one of the best features of the pack. 

Compression Straps

The compression straps... compress

The compression straps are designed in a way that they look nice and function great.

Our only qualm is that there is a bit too much ‘dangle’. When tightened, the excess nylon strap dangles, and dangling is always annoying. 

Hidden Key Pocket

The key pocket experience could be improved

PROS of the key pocket – we LOVE a dedicated key pocket in a daypack – especially one that also has a dedicated keyring.

This key pocket is fairly easy to access, and because the pocket is somewhat hidden, it also provides a sense of security. Keys are pretty important, so we like to keep them hidden!

CONS of the key pocket – Is it too much to ask for a retractable leash for the keyring? So much easier to use.

Ultimately while the key pocket itself is easy to access, we found that actually getting our keys off of the hook required a bit of… acrobatics. Frankly, we have to usually take the backpack off to get the keys off of the ring – which sucks. 

Putting the key on a retractable leash (or hell, even making it magnetic for easy removal) would have been appreciated.

Side Access to Main Compartment

Side pocket closed...
Side pocket open!

The side pocket gives you another point of access to the main compartment. 

The pocket is designed like this for photographers. If you have a DSLR and need to quickly access it, it’s easy to slide your backpack in front of you, unzip you side pocket, grab your travel camera, and SHOOT!

It’s a dream pocket for a photographer!

To add additional convenience to photographers, WANDRD added the side zipper pocket (notice on the right hand side) which is designed to fit small batteries and SD cards. 

And for us non-photographers out there?

We found that the pocket still had some function. We actually really liked to use it to access our Peak Design Tech Pouch (where we store all of our Digital Nomad Gear). The small internal zip pocket is good for headphones, or spare money. 

Water Bottle Holder

The water bottle holder is a tight squeeze..
But can unzip for additional space

The water bottle holder works nicely, but it’s a bit tight. 

If you like to travel with large water bottle (1 liter plus) then it will absolutely NOT fit in this. 

If you use a 500 ml bottle or less then you will be fine 🙂

Soft-Lined Pocket

Located at the top of the pack you will find a semi-hidden pocket. We refer to this as the soft-lined pocket.

A great pocket for any gear that is super fragile

This pocket is lined with a very soft, non-scratch fabric.

We love a pocket like this and think that every backpack should have one.

For this pocket we recommend packing your phone, sunglasses, reading glasses, or maybe a 5th of whiskey – whatever is on your Digital Nomad Packing List

Back of the Pack

Tech Compartment

All good backpacks these days have some sort of tech compartment, and WANDRD PRVKE’s is really great!

A solid tech compartment

The tech compartment has two sleeves – one designated for a laptop and one designated for a tablet. 

The laptop sleeve is not soft-lined, but the tablet sleeve is, which is nice to have.

If you don’t travel with a laptop or tablet then don’t worry! This compartment can fit notebooks, reading books, drawing pads, or anything that has a flat surface and doesn’t take up too much space. 

And you can rest easy knowing that your stuff is extra secure with the help of the nylon/velcro strap. 

Main Compartment Access

And open!

Note – while we never once used this feature, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great feature to have.

Why did we never use it?

Oh we’ll tell you…

Ultimately we never packed too much stuff in our PRVKE – just enough to get to and from the co-working space – so we never had a difficult time grabbing our gear. The things at the bottom of the pack were always easy to grab because there was nothing on the top blocking our access. 

In contrast, we think these pockets will be extremely useful for a PRVKE that is stuffed. 

Think about it – if your PRVKE was packed full, then accessing your stuff at the bottom of a rolltop backpack would literally be a nightmare from hell. 

So WANDRD added these pockets to assure that if this bag is topped-up, that you have a way to get your stuff (that doesn’t involve unpacking the entire backpack).

If you don’t pack a lot of stuff, you are likely to forget these features even exist – like we did!

VERY Well Padded Back Panel

10/10 for comfort!

You see that back panel that looks like a Ninja Turtle shell?

It’s extremely comfortable. 

In fact, we were astonished how comfortable this backpack is. If we made a list of the most comfortable daypacks on planet earth… this would likely be #1!

The padding is squishy yet firm, and there are plenty of indentations for air to pass through and keep your back ventilated. 

Back Panel Secret Pocket

What pocket?

We at NN love us a good secret pocket, and this is one of the more fun (and functional) secret pockets we’ve seen!

We don’t recommend going overboard with this pocket. Its whole purpose is to be discreet and comfortable, and overpacking it with a bunch of stuff will defeat that purpose. 

But a few spare credit cards? Sure! A passport? Sure! Secret spy documents? Absolutely!

WANDRD even took the secrecy of this pocket a step further, making sure you can stow away the zipper, which makes it basically unnoticeable. 

This little feature enhances the discretion and overall experience of this pocket.

Where did the zipper go?

Wide and Comfortable Shoulder Straps

These straps have three interesting things worth noting…

#1 – Just like the back panel, they are incredibly comfortable. 

#2 – They have an impressive width to them. When we first put it on they seemed too wide, but the width actually works nicely for security and comfort.

#3 – They have a… squishiness… to them. The padding of the PRVKE works really nicely and has a super satisfying feel when it presses against your chest. 

But even though the straps are well padded and wider than usual – they still remain relatively light and thin!

The straps remain light and thin

A Sternum Strap that is removeble

Removable sternum straps are becoming more and more popular in this market – and we support it!

Sternum straps that are...
... removable!

How are these sternum straps removeable? There is a circular latch on the outer-lining of the shoulder straps. Simply slide the sternum strap to the top of that lining and watch as it simply pops out!

To be honest, we thought the feature was weak sauce at first, but after a few days of tinkering with it – we finally got it! And now it’s one of our favorite sternum straps we’ve tested.

So we recommend you giving it some time to grow on you. Believe us – it will 😉

Or if you don’t care for sternum straps, then take it off forever and never worry about it again!


  • A unique look that is both sleek, yet classy
  • Incredibly comfortable shoulder straps and back panel
  • Created for photographers but great for everyone
  • The tote-handle is such a winner


  • The Tarpaulin is easily scratched
  • Some will hate the look
  • Not the most functional backpack on the market

Other WANDRD Products

While this article is a WANDRD PRVKE Review, we should highlight that this company has a ton of other awesome gear. 

The WANDRD Hexad Access is one of the most complicated backpacks we’ve ever used.

Half duffel, half backpack – the Hexad is a bold attempt to fuse these two things together. 

In many ways it works. 

In many ways it doesn’t.

You be the judge – check it out for yourself and read our full WANDRD HEXAD Access Duffel review.

WANDRD Duo Daypack

People are pretty excited about the WANDRD Duo Daypack. 

How do we know?

Well, it just raised almost $700,00 USD on Kickstarter!

Again balancing functionality with design, the Duo is a versatile 20 liter daypack pack that is designed for photographers, Digital Nomads, travelers, and everyone in between.

If the PRVKE lacks organization for you – the Duo will most certainly make up for it. 


Aw yea baby, Fanny Packs are back, and WANDRD is not holding back.

This. Fanny. Rocks. 

Actually it’s not just a fanny – it’s also a sling. This is a great solution for someone looking to carry their basics. It is one of the more functional and cooler looking slings on the market. 

Remember that WANDRD is a company that makes equipment for all – but especially for photographers. 

They sell a wide range of camera cubes – this one being their most popular.

And the great thing about this cube is that it fits perfectly into all of their bags. If you are a photographer, we definitely recommend giving this a look. 


Where to buy a WANDRD?

Be careful when purchasing WANDRD products as you don’t want to get a knockoff. Use the links in our articles to make sure you are being brought to a secure site with the best prices. 

Where is the WANDRD PRVKE bag made?

WANDRD is a Utah-based company, and although all of their backpacks are designed in the USA – all of their products are made in Vietnam.

Don’t worry though – most backpacks are made in Vietnam these days. In fact, Vietnam has some of the best backpack factories in the world!

Where is WANDRD based?

With their headquarters in Utah, WANDRD is a US-based company. They have created some of the coolest backpacks on the market and have raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter over the years. 


We. Are. Finished!

If you’ve made it this far into the article then WOW – stop reading and just go buy yourself the damn pack!

Let us know in the comments below if you are going to buy the WANDRD PRVKE or if there is anything in this review that we may have missed. 

Travel on, Nomads. 

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