5 Best Looking Backpacks [2023 Guide]

There are many important things to consider when buying a backpack. You want a bag that’s comfortable, full of features, durable, and versatile. These are all fundamental aspects of a great pack.

But you also want a backpack that looks great, stands out, and turns heads. We are nomads too, and we understand the importance of an excellent pack for nomads. It can enhance your travel experience.

A good design depends on individual taste. We believe that a great looking pack is sleek, simple, and not over the top. In this article, we have done our research and concluded our five best-looking backpacks for 2023.

We will detail what’s great about the bags, including the excellent specifications, and why we believe they are such great looking backpacks.

AER Tech Pack 2

Size – 17 litres
Capacity – 17 litres
Weight – 3.8 lbs

We love backpacks that are simple, sleek, yet smart, and this backpack ticks all three boxes. The bag is perfect for all types of environments. It wouldn’t look out of place in a professional business setting, and it wouldn’t look odd in an adventurous hiking spot either. AER rarely fails when it comes to brilliant design, and they kept the trend going with this bag.

It offers the minimalist look, and what’s great about that? It caters to all different types of styles and tastes. It’s a backpack that won’t look out of place on anyone. Furthermore, we adore the black colour that covers the entire pack – It looks ingenious.

The pack comes with the highest quality materials, which make the bag look even better. The matte black YKK zippers add to the sleek finish of the pack.


In terms of specifications, 17 litres will be enough for many nomads. But you can find bags with more size and space, that will suit individuals who need to carry a lot of things with them at once.

At a weight of 3.8 lbs, it’s not the lightest. There are bags with more storage capacity that weigh less than this. But it’s not extremely heavy either; it’s manageable for most people.

AER Tech Pack 2 Review
Review AER Tech Pack 2


The bag is very comfortable, and it has a well-padded exterior which is perfect for comfort. It has padded shoulder straps too, which are essential for carrying things. You don’t want a backpack with poorly padded shoulder straps and trust us, there are many around – but that won’t be an issue here.

Pros of AER Tech Pack 2

The bag is very comfortable, which isn’t surprising, as AER specialise in producing packs that provide optimum comfort to their users.

It’s difficult not to overstate the sheer importance of waterproof materials, especially if you’re a nomad. And if you’re travelling, we can assure you that you’re going to get wet at times. And that’s when a pack with waterproof capabilities comes in.

The organisation of this bag is terrific. It has everything from a laptop compartment, numerous storage compartments, and ample space.

Cons of AER Tech Pack 2

In terms of size and space, a pack with only 17 litres will be an issue for some. And it doesn’t provide any expansion opportunities.

Although it’s great to have a laptop compartment it’s going to be a tight squeeze to fit electronics in there.

Although the AER Tech Pack 2 has a water bottle compartment, the bottle can easily slip out.

Bellroy Classic Plus

Size – 20 litres
Weight – 1.6 lbs
Colours – it comes so many colours, but we prefer blue.

This pack is our best every-day carry for minimalists, and guess what? It looks terrific too. This backpack style is excellent, and it has a stunning light blue exterior that will match any type of clothes well. 

Unlike the AER tech pack 2, it does have a trendier style. It almost looks like it has that timeless classic style of bag that never goes out of fashion.

We love backpacks which are simple and not over the top. And this design is effortless. It doesn’t have loads of compartments and has a straightforward design. 

But still, it looks incredibly aesthetic and sleek.

One of our favourite parts of this backpack is the leather tabs all across the bag. They look fantastic and are typical of Bellroy. The mixture of the casual blue, with the cream leather tabs, gives the pack that classic, timeless style that will appeal to anyone.


In terms of size, 20 litres will be enough for most nomads. It is the perfect size for those who need to carry electronics and other daily essentials with them.

At a weight of 1.6 lbs, that is superb. If you’re looking for a light-weight effortless bag to carry, that still oozes style and character; then this is for you.

The variety of colour options will appeal to anyone particular about the style that they choose.

5 Best Looking Backpacks
Bellroy Classic Plus Review


The backpack has excellent materials that give it an adequate level of comfort. However, the designers could have improved the level of comfort. For example, the shoulder straps are great, but they can wear on your shoulders a little if your bag is heavy.

Pros of Bellroy Classic Plus

We love our minimalist backpacks, and so do many of our readers. So, you can be assured that we believe this is one of the best minimalist packs on the market.

The brilliant materials of this backpack are perfect. It feels like Bellroy put a clear emphasis on high-quality materials during the creation process.

Unlike other packs on the market, this pack can come in an array of colours. We believe the versatility in styles is a huge benefit.

Cons of Bellroy Classic Plus

Unlike AER products, it doesn’t feel like this pack is for optimum comfort. We think there could be an improvement on the shoulder straps etc.

The bag has tricky access into the main compartment. Although the overall design looks very sleek, the zipper sometimes gets caught, which isn’t the best.

 As nomads, we know the importance of having waterproof zippers and a pack that can fight the elements. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have that.

Boundary Supply Errant Pack

Size – 24 litres
Weight – 2.9 lbs
Colours – Black, blue, and tan.

We believe this is the best every-day pack for those looking for an adventure. If you walk across a busy city, climb a mountain, or just go on any type of wild adventure, this pack is going to be your friend along the way.

It also has a very cool satchel style appearance. The design looks like it’s for an explorer and the design matches the versatility of the bag. 

Furthermore, the excellent smooth appearance gives it a classic professional look. Even though the pack is fantastic for adventuring – it wouldn’t look out of place in an office environment either.

The interior of the pack looks fantastic as well. The top-loader design means that you have ample space to put all your stuff in, but it’s also very accessible and easy to use.


The size of this pack is perfect for any nomad. It has more space than other bags on this list, and you can fit your camera gear, clothes, and technology stuff inside with ease.

At a weight of 2.9 lbs, it is neither the lightest nor heaviest bag. We would suggest this is a great weight.

Boundary Supply Errant Review
Boundary Supply Errant


To the average nomad, this bag will feel comfortable enough. But we believe it lacks comfort compared to some other bags. The bag has excellent materials and features, but the designers could have improved the shoulder straps for comfort.

Pros of Boundary Supply Errant

Both the exterior and the interior of this backpack have superior materials. It feels like the creators didn’t cut corners and produced a phenomenal bag in the process.

We all love a backpack that looks great yet has a superb array of features. We recommend this backpack for that.

If you’re someone that needs to carry a lot of things, or you’re always on the road, you need a bag with plenty of space. This one is perfect for you.

Cons of Boundary Supply Errant

Although the backpack is feature friendly and easy to use, we have to admit this pack can be tricky to use too.

We always recommend AER products for comfort, and unfortunately, this bag doesn’t quite tick the box for outstanding comfort on this one. The shoulder straps aren’t comfortable enough in our opinion.

Overall, this is a durable backpack. It has a relatively hard exterior in places, and it’s great for adventure and travel because of it.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Size – 20 litres or 30 litres
Weight – 20 litres (3.6 lbs) and 30 litres (3.8 lbs)
Colours – light grey, dark grey, black, and blue

Peak Design products are always a fantastic option, and we are a big fan of this brand. And this backpack doesn’t disappoint; it’s an excellent option if you’re looking for an excellently designed bag with a range of amenities. However, there is one user that this backpack is ideal for – and that’s camera users. Are you a photographer, or even just a hobbyist?

If so, you will love this backpack. It has a futuristic look and is incredible for those looking to carry a camera. It has numerous side pockets that are effortless to open, look great, and perfect for a camera user. This bag will allow you to quickly take out your camera whilst travelling.

We love this backpack’s look; just like the Bellroy Classic Plus, it has that timeless style that never gets old. It suits any environment, from hiking to even professional environments.


If you’re looking for a bag that offers excellent size, then the 30-litre option is perfect for you. However, 20 litres will suffice for many nomads.

The weight is heavier than some of the bags on this list. But we like that the 30-litre option is only 0.2 lbs heavier than the 20-litre option. That offers excellent size with very little extra weight.

The variety of colours is fantastic, particularly if you want something stylish.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Peak Design Everyday Backpack


The comfort of the bag is one of the best benefits of this pack. The designers built the bag with excellent features, materials, and an emphasis on comfortable user experience. You will pay a lot for this bag, but you won’t be disappointed in comfort or how it feels.

Pros of P.D. Everyday Backpack

Peak Design always creates its products to have an incredible array of features. And this bag doesn’t fall short, everything from the perfect mag latch, or the swivel system that’s fantastic for photographers.

 It’s important to remember that this isn’t the cheapest bag on the list, it’s an expensive one. So, you’d expect excellent materials? Well, this one has an array of superior materials.

As always, we are very honest about the convenience of the bags that we review. And this one has excellent comfort, which is a great benefit. The previous two bags on the list weren’t as comfortable as possible, but this one doesn’t fall short.

Cons of P.D. Everyday Backpack

The bag comes with a strange key ring on the strap. We can’t understand why. Usually, keys are placed in the bag.

For a bag that can be 30 litres, the tech compartments are a little small. We would expect that Peak Design could have created more space in the compartments.

 It’s a great bag that comes with an array of superb features, but it is costly. You will pay around $260 for this backpack, which is more expensive than other packs on the list.

Front view of the WANDRD HEXAD Access Duffel Backpack

Size – 45 litres
Weight – 3.9 lbs

If you love duffel backpacks that are ideal for long-term travel, we have found the one for you. Wandrd always creates bags that stand the test of time, and this one is no different. If you’re like us and you like to spend months travelling the world, you will need a pack like this.

And this bag is terrific for someone that likes a sleek, comfortable, and stylish backpack. 

The black pack is excellent and looks professional, and you could use it in a professional coworking space, or you can take it out for a hike – it’s up to you.

But this backpack has a style that will never age. It’s a timeless, almost military-looking backpack which is great for long term travel. The bag’s back has a great design, which is sturdy and durable.


The size is vast and great for long term travellers. If you’re a minimalist, you could use this as your only backpack for long-term travel.

Furthermore, the weight is fantastic. At a weight of 3.9 lbs, this is far lighter than the others when you compare the size to weight ratio. It’s awe-inspiring on this front.

WANDRD HEXAD Access Duffel Backpack
WANDRD HEXAD Access Duffel Logo


The bag is very comfortable, and the designers made sure of it. It has padded shoulder straps that are perfect for anyone looking to do long-term travel. And it uses excellent materials that add to the comfortable experience.

Pros of Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel

It’s tough not to love the excellent and elegant design of this pack. It has that timeless black aesthetic. If you want a backpack that will never lose its style as the years progress – be sure to consider this one.

Unlike some of the packs on this list, the creators of this pack built it for optimum comfort. It has a back panel that helps keep the bag upright and distributes the weight all around the body and away from the shoulders.

This bag has an array of superior materials, which you would expect from a bag that retails at around $260. It has comfortable materials on the interior and exterior, with the materials matching the price point.

Cons of Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel

Unfortunately, the bag isn’t user friendly. The bag isn’t straightforward to use compared with the others. However, some users will love the finicky compartments and design. But we prefer bags that are easy to use.

We are huge fans of duffel bags, and it’s great that this bag offers a duffel experience. But there are issues with it. For example, the straps – which carry the bag – can be frustrating to use and affect the duffel experience’s efficiency and general feel.

The bag isn’t the cheapest on the list. If you’re on a strict budget, you might be able to find a pack that offers better value for money at a lower price.

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